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a giant port city that conducts trading all along the north coast   after the fall of "the city" larton who was still a small land-based town decided to build a port in predictions of the coastline leading up to where they prepared their docks. The managed to plan it out near perfectly (besides dock 28) which lead to a giant boom in population and wealth for the city.   the downside to this boom is alot of slums and unregulated housing is all throughout the city (untill the 15th of Eaos)   some of the main exports for the city include: fish, lumber, furs, apothecary goods, cheeses, toolings, and Wine  


  (Arms Shop)   (Blacksmith)   (Brewery)   (Brewery)   (Tool & die)   (Tailor)   (Fletchers)   (chesery)   (Apothocary)  

Recent events

  an unknown arsonist on the 15th day of Eaos burnt down the slums and a large section of larton and its economic center a group of adventurers were suspected but were found not guilty after an attempt to light a kenku on fire not yielding results


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