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Ilake is a small town that sits across the () lake from the capital city of Erquen (Encall). Its a small trading village that produces mainly timber, grain, cattle and Elven beer.  

Mayor/Leadership in Ilake

  the mayor/Leader of the town was Lord Ulaeth a knight of Erquens royal family but he was recently eaten by a young purple dragon while defending his art gallery. The newly appointed governor is Captain Naobrun of the Warforged army who has fixed a few economic issues in the town but has started installing warforged into businesses run by the city  

Businesses in Ilake

  Books and scribal supplies   Owner: Alyven (gnome male )   Alchemical Nuances (Alchemist)   Owner: Gazeem chance, male elf   The Peoples Guard (Blacksmith)   Owner: Christof   Tailors spot   Owner: Benard Firahel , male half-elf   Correllon's Blessing (Brewery)   Prior Owner: Sonya Elsing, Elorc (missing)   Current owner: Eto forweald, warforged  

Local lore

  Its common knowledge that in the surrounding areas around Ilake there is some form of fey gate the Cyclops, minor giants, Eladrin and Centaurs are coming from, and appeasement to the fey is a very important role in Ilake   Its thought that you must knock on the door frame of a building before entering otherwise it is bad luck, unless its someones home and the horn of a Cyclops is adorned to the top right-hand corner of the frame  

Recent Events

  A recent dragonborn and dragon invasion did damage to several buildings and burnt down the town hall and mayors house

Size: Village   Population: 950 residents

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