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Balox is a Nation of half breeds and exiled people. They are a new nation and have only recently come into promience in their area about 50 years ago, they are a merchant republic that has an underlying large religious following for the strange and odd wonders of the world that have gathered in this area, They were brought here by a meteor that hit the forest near balox they followed it and established many cities and a small nation in the area. They explore the many old crypts and interesting magical wonders left in this area.

Public Agenda

The main goal is to make money of traders and explore the land tymora has gave them, many tombs crypts and dungeons have been discovered here but only people who have worked their way up in the order of tymora have access


282 A.E meteor hits the land where Balox will begin 283 A.E Balox and his guild the Order of Tymora begin building Ferven named after the recent son of Balox 284 A.E the Order of Tymora led by Balox announces themselves as a religious merchant republic

Foreign Relations

Balox international is viewed as a bastard Country and struggles in making any claims or forming deals with anything more than tribals and the occasional compliance from Algaric or Rensal. Although because they control the center land to get from the north east or south east to the west coast they tax travelers and prey on people who are "weaker" when it comes to social fortitude and will get them to buy trinkets and exchange foreign money for theirs when is often unaccepted on the west coast of the world although few know this.

Agriculture & Industry

Balox produces alot of bee products, Cattle products, Chicken products, wheats, grains as far as agirculture. When it comes to metals all that they really have access to is nether ore (lesser pig iron), tin and brass although they are able to quickly and cheapliy make small trinkets out of these materials and they consitute for alot of trade.

Dymuniad tymora (the wish of Tymora)

Founding Date
284 A.E
Government, Leadership
Economic System
Barter system
Neighboring Nations

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