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Elandriel, otherwise known as the Maniacal Mage who is known for their discovery of madness as a source of magic. They are referred to as a blight on the mortal era and have proven to be a constant nuisance to civilisation. Completely unpredictable their actions seem driven only by madness with no discernable goal. Their appearance is known to change with the only constant being their ever-shifting prismatic eyes. Elandriel has been known to randomly kill and steal alongside other criminal acts. However, they have occasionally been known to offer assistance but always at a price.   Having been born just before the fall of the Ven rule, they witnessed the downfall of their people. Some say this is what drew them to lunacy though most believe their unrelenting study of magic is what corrupted their mind and caused them to discover or invent madness as a source for magic. Some claim that they strictly strike against mortals, though there have been multiple cases that demonstrate a lack of care as to whether someone is mortal or veldren. There doesn't even seem to be a specific location they target. Popping up anywhere across Axeram to spread their madness and inflict chaos on the unsuspecting.   The majority of Axeram believe that the maniacal mage is simply a story that illustrates the dangers of delving too deep into magic, whilst also being a muse for bards to write outlandish songs and poems. In the more ignorant circles, people use the name as an excuse or as a joke. "The Maniacal Mage made me do it. Took control of my mind and forced me to do these horrible things." However, the most powerful spellcasters across Axeram hold more belief in Elandriel's tale as they have seen and felt the corruptive power of potent magic. Most even claim to of had strange conversations with them where Elandriel has spouted strange prophecies and riddles that bewildered them.
Year of Birth
10 V.E 1778 Years old


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