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After a group of strangers was hired by the wealthy Baron Renet to find his missing wife, mystery and disaster unfolds. A planetouched barbarian and his young companion, a cleric of an unspeakable god, are joined by a monk from the tropics to the south, a mysterious sorcerer with a dark passenger, a swashbuckling girl with ties to the plane of water, and a vampire's warden. Together, they have fought demonic plants and great evils lurking in the deep. They have maneuvered themselves into an advantageous position in the politically divided city of Saltmarsh, salvaged valuable goods for the powerful Solmor family, and saved the life of a young woman during a disaster at Camp Shooting Star. Still, questions linger. What killed the Mantii, a race of elven giants that lived in Old Keoland before it became Saltmarsh and was incorporated into The Auroran Domain? Could the stories of Välkrender, the giant blue dragon, really be true? And as the undead they encounter on an increasingly regular basis become more and more powerful, is this evidence that Master Fuma's vision was real? Could the world of Axenssia really be headed for destruction as an unknown astronomical body hurtles ever nearer? It's up to The Disaster Dregs to find out, and along the way, they are beginning to become a family.

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The Disaster Dregs and the Undead World

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