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The Silent Pyramid

I cannot describe my feelings when I set my own eyes on the Samat Pyramid for the first time. It was as if I began to comprehend the true scale of history. There was a civilization even older than the Ancient Order, and their achievements were so wondrous that their remains are still with us.
— Phidi Strideheart, Traveler


  An enormous yet quiet structure appearing as a four-sided pyramid resides in the Oniruuru Desert in the sandy Baluva Region. Its true name is all but lost to time, but in Centrum it is known as the Silent Pyramid. The structure is an impressive sight considering that it survived The Great Collapse relatively unscathed compared to most things. Most believe it to be another ruin left behind by the The Ancient Order, though some believe it is the work of an older civilization.   The Silent Pyramid is one of the Seven Ruined Wonders.  


The Missing Cap, The Buried Cap

  As majestic as the pyramid appears, it is incomplete. The pointed capstone that must have completed the structure long ago is missing. Local legends claim that it was carved from a one of a kind crystal the likes of which cannot be replicated. The same people who tell of this legend also claim that the Samat Pyramid is far older than the The Ancient Order. This claim has yet to be verified.   Often accompanying the claims of crystal cap is a belief that the true shape of the pyramid is that of an octahedron. An intact crystal cap may lie attached to this end of the structure. This crystal cap would be identical to the one that once existed atop the structure. Like the previous claim, this has yet to be verified though such verification would be difficult to accomplish.  

I expected to find yet another tomb. What I actually found is something... bigger both Literally and figuratively.
— Rhaler, Dungeon Delver


  The Silent Pyramid was discovered by Rhaler, a renowned dungeon delver, in 963AGC. The structure was half-buried in sand at that time. It has since been excavated down to a stone foundation that surrounds the pyramid as well as several nearby structures. The function of these structures is not well understood. Most either remain sealed or have collapsed. The exact extent of the compound surrounding the Samat Pyramid is yet to be determined.   As of yet, no one has been able to enter it. No door or other opening exists across the vast face of the structure. Conjecture is all there is concerning what lies inside. Predictably, this has resulted in many weaving countless fantastical claims.  


Layer Upon Layer

  Study of the Silent Pyramid's exterior has revealed that it is missing its outermost layer. This can be evidenced by the several rough stone patches that remain visible. It is likely that this outer layer was lost to The Great Collapse and subsequent looting. It is increasingly accepted that this Pyramid is constructed of many layers. It is not yet certain if these layers were made all at once or built over time. The latter is favored due to the great size of the pyramid and the many years of labor and the sheer amount of resources it would take to construct it.


One of the Seven Ruined Wonders

  Several reliefs found around the Silent Pyramid show a set of shapes. At first it was believed that this was some kind of secret phrase in a long lost language. It wasn't until 1001AGC, when word of a second ruined wonder had spread, that it was realized that these shapes were pictorial representations of actual objects. Specifically, that they represent a set of vast monuments erected long ago.   Three of these shapes are confirmed to exist as massive wonders including the Silent Pyramid. The other two confirmed wonders are the Xeo Pyramid and the Ekla Pentagon which are under study by the authorities of their respective regions. The remaining four have not yet been confirmed as discovered by the The Archivists Guild.

Alternative Names
Samat Pyramid, The Great Truncated Pyramid
World wonder
Parent Location
Oniruuru Desert

I'm of the growing belief that these wonders hold the key to some important secret of the world.
— Rahler

The Seven Ruined Wonders

  • Silent Pyramid
  • Obsidian Pyramid
  • Xeo Pyramid
  • Ma Pyramid
  • Kuboa Monument
  • Ekla Pentagon
  • Elemen Triangle


The Silence

  The Baluva Desert, a sub region of the Oniruuru Desert, is a vast area known for its large wind swept sand dunes. Gusts of wind often shift these sands producing an ever changing landscape.   It is curious then that the area immediately surrounding the Silent Pyramid is, for lack of a better word, silent. An eerie calm that seems to muffle all sounds within it. So far, no one is able to explain this strange phenomenon.

Note(s) from the Archivists:

Question, wouldn't the Ancients have found a way inside if they didn't build it? - Archivist Enna    Assuming that it really is from an even older time, maybe they have. Why they would reseal it, I do not know. Of course, maybe they never found a way to open it.  - Archivist Taenya Naïlo    The thought that we may never know what lies inside is very frustrating! - Archivist Enna

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Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
12 Oct, 2020 00:27

Ooo, I love this! I love the idea that this could be even older than the Ancient Order. And that no one knows what's inside it. So many mysteries! :D

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If I were running a campaign in this world, these monuments would be important.

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Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
13 Oct, 2020 11:12

I love how many questions this article raises. It would be fascinating if it truly is a octahedron! This article has really captured my imagination and made me so curious to learn more about the Silent Pyramid, the Seven Ruined Wonders and the Ancient Order.

Cait x
14 Oct, 2020 15:50

Thank you for the kind comment. It's wonderful knowing that this article captured someone's imagination. :)