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Great Dams

Every once in a while I catch sight of massive stone walls that flank either side of a large river. Or rather what remains of these once massive structures. I wonder how they were built? I wonder why they were built?
— Artur Neha


  Scattered across the continents are massive dams. The sheer scale of these constructs has led many to wonder at what their ultimate use was. Many theories are put forth by everyone, but only three will be described in this article.

Theory 1: Irrigation and Water

  This theory supposes that great dams were meant to control the flooding of lands downstream. This would seem to be the most likely reason as it is very similar to the reasons present day peoples construct their own dams, if at a much smaller scale. Of course, the sheer scale of some Ancient Dams and their curious placements are not supported by this supposition.

Theory 2: Forced Fishing

  The dams were used to collect fish traveling along the river. This one is rather dubious. A strong net would achieve the same result, and that ignores the Ancient's firm understanding and copious use of magics to say nothing of their technology.

Theory 3: River Power

  The Ancients built these dams in rivers that carry dangerously powerful currents. Perhaps it is these currents the Ancients wanted to use. Just what it was they needed a river to power is something of a mystery. Remnants of metallic constructs can be found in the ruins of these great dams. Some of these remnants appear to be large blades. It is highly probable that the dams were related to powerful magics that helped the Ancients to tame the world.


Helia's Great Dam

    Perhaps it is no surprise that some would like to create great dams of their own if only to create a wonder for all to see. The Kingdom of Helia is already attempting such a project. The goal is to create the greatest irrigation system the world has seen since the collapse. Many scholars are watching its progress intently if only so that we may know more about how the Ancients created the great dams in the first place.

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  As terrible as the collapse was for civilization, I sometimes wonder if it has done some good for the natural world. - Archivist Enna    Nature does seem to have come out ahead of us after the collapse, but we don't know for sure until we know more about the ancient world. - Archivist Taenya    If nature's position was improved after a worldwide cataclysm, what does that say about the old empire's relation to the nature? - Archivist Enna

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