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Centrum's Most Wanted

The names on this list are some of the most dangerous people imaginable. They'll do anything to climb higher on the list and they welcome the law's challenge to boot.
— Sehlad Sua, Deputy


  Every city has its criminal elements, and the Free City of Centrum is no exception. In an effort to organize a response, Centrum authorities put together a list every year to highlight the most dangerous criminals of the city. The idea, apart from citizen awareness, is to make it easier for bounty hunters and the like to know who the hunt and what their reward will be should they be successful. The list was also meant as a deterrent to anyone daring to make a career of crime in the richest city in the world.   Rather than be deterred by a list, the criminal element have highlighted the list as measure of success. The higher the bounty, the greater the respect. Many small-time criminals offer their talents to these most wanted in return for a chance at greater rewards and maybe their own place on the list.   These followings and the resources they can provide have proven to be a great complication for a bounty hunter seeking to apprehend one of the ten most wanted and to the Centrum authorities by extension. This isn't always the case though, some of the most wanted are too dangerous and too chaotic to organize and lead a group. Even so, the Centrum's Most Wanted has largely become a list of the most prolific heads of criminal organizations rather than solitary elements.  

Centrum's Most Wanted - 1277AGC

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  • Rank: Number 10
  • Bounty: 25,000 Occulus (1,000gp)
  • Name: Duvessa
  • Species: Tiefling
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Learns through mimicry, and with perfect memory. Vari entered Centrum simply as Duvessa- a simple peasant woman hoping for an apprenticeship in one of the merchant guilds. In reality she had no intention of taking the legal route to success.   Her humble demeanor proved to be deceptive as she had really been carefully observing the criminal world during her first year in the city. She was looking for her first target and she could not have picked a better gang to takeover to start her career as a criminal overlord. Her takeover of the Tide of Disorder gang in 1267AGC was unexpected to say the least, and she quickly reformed it into the Mimics that are known today. Vari has capitalized on her advantage since then and no one has yet to develop an effective answer to her methods. More small-time gangs continue to find themselves absorbed by the Mimics.   It is likely that Vari will not remain at number 10 for long.   Vari has possible connections with the Kingdom of Helia. She is of Helian origin and her arrival into the city and the timing of her actions seem potentially fortuitous for the Kingdom.



  • Rank: Number 9
  • Bounty: 27,500 Occulus (1,100gp)
  • Name: Valdis Blazehammer
  • Species: Dwarf
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The fact that this person even made it onto this list is more an accident than anything and not at all welcomed by anyone. Valdis Blazehammer, aka "Zemsta," rise into Centrum's Most Wanted was accomplished through an unbelievably bloody revenge streak. The trail of bodies in his wake is rapidly becoming the largest on record for the city and shows no sign of slowing down. His ultimate target must be a member of the merchant elite. Possibly someone with extensive Shadow Market ties.   Zemsta helps enact revenge either on behalf of or alongside the slighted in exchange for loyalty. He has effectively amassed an army of the angry and bloodthirsty. Perhaps it is not surprising that Zemsta's group has become known as the Bloodthirsty.   The Centrum Guard has been deploying whatever they can to apprehend Zemsta but with little success. Most guards have learned to maintain their distance until sufficient numbers arrive. Those sufficient numbers have yet to do so in time before Zemsta makes an escape. There is growing belief that Zemsta may be receiving help from a powerful benefactor.



  • Rank: Number 8
  • Bounty: 31,250 Occulus (1,250gp)
  • Name: Unknown
  • Species: Unknown
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Can surprise anyone, and no one can surprise in return. No one knows the true identify of Trankil as they have assumed multiple identities. They use their apparent clairvoyance to accomplish their goals and to retaliate against others in advance.   Rumor has it that Trankil wishes to be forgotten, and to be removed from the most wanted list. This might be true as Trankil's organization, the Sixth Senses, have become quiet in recent months. As quiet as they may be, anyone inquiring into their goals are often never seen again.



  • Rank: Number 7
  • Bounty: 35,000 Occulus (1,400gp)
  • Name: Tavarious LaRue
  • Species: Hin (Halfling)
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The sleight of hand this master thief is capable of is deemed to be unrivaled by everyone in Centrum. His name is Tavarious LaRue. He made his way up the most wanted list by stealing the fortunes of his rivals and his friend's rivals. So far, "Lopov" has proven that he can get into any vault anywhere at any time and apparently does so without using magic.   The target of his heists are often rich merchants (who else would be worthy of his talents?). Thus, Lopov is something of a legend among the peasantry for the grief he causes to the rich merchants. As actions have consequences, Centrum authorities are increasingly intolerant of thieves.   Sentences and punishments for even small offenses are increasingly harsh. This has started to turn opinions against Lopov who is increasingly seen as the reason one can be jailed for years for simply stealing bread. This turning of opinion may have been the idea behind the heavy handed actions of the Centrum Authorities.



  • Rank: Number 6
  • Bounty: 37,500 Occulus (1,500gp)
  • Name: Sidero Withersteel
  • Species: Half-Elf
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Sidero "Nakahi" Withersteel is an assassin with great knowledge of poisons. She has climbed to the number 6 most wanted through sheer efficiency in elimination of marked rivals. At some point earning bounties wasn't enough, and so she began to recruit some of the targets she was supposed to eliminate. Eventually she amassed a dangerous gang that has made her enough of a threat to become one of Centrum's Most Wanted. Nakahi has assassinated two of the Most Wanted to get to number six and it is almost certain that she will attempt to kill another. As for her reasons for amassing power, no one really knows.   Little is known of her past. It is clear that she was trained in the art of assassination, but no one knows if she learned it from Lunaria or Helia or somewhere else. Her style appears to be original.



  • Rank: Number 5
  • Bounty: 47,500 Occulus (1,750gp)
  • Name: Azvameth Alvarez
  • Species: Satyr
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Azvameth "Gora" Alvarez's style is most like that of a vulture. He preys upon the fallen in order to build his wealth and power. That is how he has risen this far into the ranks of Centrum's Most Wanted, and has not accrued much respect in the process. The increasing bounty on his head was meant to discourage him from so readily making moves against weaker enemies lest the bounty hunters catch his and his organization's scent. For the most part the deterrent seems to have worked, but for how long will a vulture tolerate hunger?   All his efforts are to feed his organization: the Alkanas. Apparently they are using Centrum as a training ground in anticipation of the chaos and death that will follow a war between Lunaria and Helia. Alkanas agents have already been seen moving about the Continental Island of Lluvia.


  • Rank: Number 4
  • Bounty: 52,500 Occulus (2,100gp)
  • Name: Unknown
  • Species: Eladrin
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If a most wanted list can have a rogue element, Röskun is it. His style is that of utmost chaos and disorder, so his place in the Most Wanted list has a rather obvious reason behind it. The problem is that no one seems to be able to control him and Centrum authorities are increasingly desperate. As for his name, it's not that no one has had an opportunity to find out its that he never tells it.   Roskun takes a special delight in sowing discord among any kind of group, though his growing reign of terror is not constant nor is it predictable. Röskun is personally responsible for disturbing the peace at the Revas Marina Market on several occasions. The most recent episode involved a fatal confrontation between several merchant crews that caused authorities to close the market for a week - investigation into the incident is ongoing.   Röskun is the only person on the Most Wanted list that does not control an organization of some kind presumably because working with others requires some measure of peace and order.


  • Rank: Number 3
  • Bounty: 62,500 Occulus (2,500gp)
  • Name: Unknown
  • Species: Vampire-Human
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A vampire no one can catch. Not a danger to the Centrum peasantry, but as he is one to the aristocracy. An individual of expensive taste it would seem. No one has died yet, but many believe that it is only a matter of time. Considering his targets are increasingly the more influential sort a death could be devastating to merchant affairs. For this reason, Darah has been listed on the Most Wanted list and his bounty rises each time he strikes. The targets of his appetite always higher on the metaphorical totem pole.   Darah's appearance is well known, but his resting place has yet to be found. No one has been able to track his movements after he leaves a place of residence. It is almost as if Darah disappears from the city outright. The city continues to higher hunters in the hopes that it will be found.


  • Rank: Number 2
  • Bounty: 75,000 Occulus (3,000gp)
  • Name: Nerezza Jhayln
  • Species: Drow
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Nerezza "Layl" Jhalyn claims to be the night's emissary. Per her own words, "when the night comes I, Layl, will rule the city and all that it touches." She may intend to do more than to merely run things after the regular sundown. As the whispers tell it, she is seeking an ancient artifact that will allow her bring about an endless night over the city thereby cementing her power over it. Of course, she will have to contend with Ibis if she wishes an unchallenged dominion over the city.   Since unveiling her ambitions, Centrum's current authorities have quickly placed her in the number two spot on the Most Wanted list. She is not number one because the power she has amassed has not yet rivaled Ibis.   Layl possibly has connections with the Queendom of Lunaria, although it makes little sense for why the Queendom would want Centrum to be under the influence of Layl. Perhaps there is an element that has yet to make itself widely known. An element that is unsatisfied with Lunaria's passive approach to the threat from the Kingdom of Helia.


  • Rank: Number 1 - Most Wanted
  • Bounty: 125,000 Occulus (5,000gp)
  • Name: Unknown
  • Species: Unknown
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Even the Mabara Guild respects Ibis. The true identity of this individual has never been discovered since they became Centrum's Most Wanted five years ago- leading to a belief that Ibis can alter memories. One could meet Ibis in person and never remember it.   No matter who you ask, almost everyone agrees that Ibis has influenced every criminal element in Centrum. In particular, Ibis is believed to be responsible for the strangely organized activities of Centrum's Most Wanted, thereby making the list a quasi-organization with few the wiser of it.   Pieces are being moved in preparation for something, but no one has figured out what it could be. Perhaps there is no end game and that Ibis just enjoys the act of manipulation and the sense of power it brings. Whatever the case, this person has earned their position Centrum's most wanted due to their potential for disruption of city affairs, and those of their allies.   The bounty is considerable, but the risks at apprehending Ibis are arguably greater.

Awldor Currencies
Generic article | Aug 13, 2020

Currencies are an essential component of economies in Awldor. The exact coin used depends on location.


Beyond the City

  The most wanted also operate in ports under the influence of the Free City-State of Centrum such as the Pumpkin Town of Qakum.   The most wanted have been known to operate outside Centrum's sphere of influence. Several on the current list have had elements of their organizations spotted in Lunarian and Helian cities.  


  One would expect that each member of the Most Wanted would be at each other's throats. This was the case at first, but things are different now.   When members of the Most Wanted act, they sometimes do so in unison at different parts of the city and doing specific things.   The investigators haven't made their reasons for believing organization public, only that the most wanted are more dangerous than previously assumed.    The belief of organization began after Ibis arrived.

First I'll be your reflection. Then.... we'll see.
— Vari
Being surprised is wonderful, don't you think? I'm asking because I wouldn't know.
— Trankil
Who says I don't practice magic? I dare say that mine is more genuine.
— Lopov
  Pray that you never find out where I came from.
— Nakahi
The dead have no more use for their things, so why shouldn't I take it?
— Gora
My aspirations will only be known to the likes of you when the eternal night comes. Get some sun while you can.
— Layl

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  I think this list and the effect it has had shows that Centrum has two highly organized societies. One that is accepted by most as legitimate that is thriving in the limelight, and the outcasts who likewise see success but in the shadows. - Archivist Enna

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