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Anzora's Star

Navigation would be so much more difficult without that star.


  This star lies just above the northern pole of Awldor. Of all the points of light that travels the sky, this one maintains a stationary position with nearly every other star traveling around it. \


  The star was named after Anzora, an astronomer. Anzora is credited as the first to not only record the star and its unique position in a manuscript, but to use it as a guide since the The Great Collapse to travel across the continent of Quassus. It is said he did this twice. Anzora himself, an Eladrin, was said to have had an unusual interest in the stars. He believed that answers to many of life's questions could be found in the celestial plane, including why the collapse occurred.


  Anzora's star was likely used as a navigation device throughout all of history, particularly by sailors. Vast bodies of water, particularly the oceans, can offer little in the way of landmarks for sure travels due to the monotonous nature of blue extended all the way to the horizon. Since Anzora's star is located to the north, if one can find it they will know which way north lies. Even Captain Amaya Quickwind and her expedition made use of the star during their voyage around the world.  


Lunarian Wishes

  The Lunarians, of the Queendom of Lunaria, have a particularly special regard for Anzora's star. They believe that a wish can come true if one makes the wish while observing Anzora's star at midnight. The star itself is considered to play an important role in the celestial motions of the night sky, behind only the Moon and planets.

Alternative Name(s)
The North Star


Note(s) from the Archivists:

  Where is it again? - Archivist Enna   I think you know where it is. - Archivist Taenya Naïlo   Just trying to make small talk. - Archivist Enna   In notes? - Archivist Taenya

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