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Astaenedian Empire

Settled on the eastern coasts of Vaidris, the Astaenedian Empire remains the most dominant nation on the continent. The kingdom is ruled over by King Renalt Canandus in the capital of Aerilon. The religions of worship commonly accepted throughout the kingdom include the pantheons of the Root, Branch and Leaf. Due to Zaynaeriorth's appearance the loss of the previous capital of Astaendia has affected the kingdom's prosperity as are the invading orcish army of the south and the greedy Pirate Lords of the Trágéan Ocean. In a troubled state, paranoia and fear wash over the kingdom like a plague. As a citizen of this empire, you gain the following origin traits:
  • Proficiency in History and Religion
  • +1 to charisma
There are 8 current towns/cities available for origin, granting different advantages!       There are also 5 other locations that are no longer standing anymore but these origins are still available as they were destroyed in recent history.
Included Locations

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