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The God's Grimoire

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The Gods Grimiore is a constantly evolving document that records observations on the effects of different gems. This is the basic companion for jewelers and is generally bound in paper, however in the past it was recorded on leather (speculated to be human skin). Many jewelers have taken to having its content tattooed on their bodies. The grimoire takes its name from the ancient belief that gemstones are pieces of the souls of gods.

There is currently a big market for elaborately embellished and illustrated copies of the grimoire. The market is even more lucrative as with new discoveries being made, the books soon become outdated.

Historical Details


The oldest Grimoire in existence is said to have been compiled by Yonisen. The book was created by branding the backs of slaves who where then murdered and skinned, turning their skin to leather. This was viewed as a particularly obscene at the time, as Yonisen was the only person who had actually experienced any of these effects. There is also said to be a second grimoire of equal age engraved into the walls of the Juli fortress. However, this is written in an ancient alphabet and is only no beginning to be deciphered by scholars.

Paradoxically, the oldest copies also seem to be the most complete, at least from little that has been translated. Unfortunately, during the eruption, a large segment of the fortress was destroyed.

Public Reaction

In one edition of the grimoire, of which one hundred were made, black opal was recorded as fact. This caused a lot of uproar at the time and the books were banned. Thy are now a coveted collecting item and change hands frequently on the black market. The are oftem referred to as 'The Black Hundred". Adding to the mystery of the books is the fact that multiple owners of the books are often found murdered with an obsidian knife in their chests.
Report, Scientific
Vellum / Skin

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