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Saurian (Sore-ee-ins)

Saurians are by far the most technologically advanced race the in galaxy. From an alternate pocket dimension universe, once they had left the dimension there was no way for them the get back in. Saurians are reptilian creatures with dragon-like heads and double jointed legs, usually standing around the same height as a Walren. Through thousands of years of genetic and evolutional modifications, Saurian bodies posses perfect immune systems, fantastic night vision, near immortal lifespans, and many other things. The only thing they have not been able to cure completely is their susceptibility to the cold, since Saurians are cold-blooded by nature.

Basic Information


Saurians stand on double jointed legs which bend backwards and have long boney heads. They also are covered in scales that protect from physical injury as well as a host of other things including radiation. These scales are most often red, though they can also be white, yellow, black, and in rare instances, silver or gold.

Genetics and Reproduction

Thorough millennia of genetic modification Saurians have been improved so much not even the oldest Saurians know how many of their features are the result of natural evolution or artificial. However, due to their extremely complex genetics, interbreeding with other races is nearly impossible and their eggs have quite a long gestation period (around 3 years), though they only spend around 2 months inside the mother before being laid.

Growth Rate & Stages

By the time they are hatched, Saurians have already assimilated some of the experience implanted in them from their ancestors, allowing them to reach adulthood faster than even humans at around 15 years.

Ecology and Habitats

Saurians are cold blooded and thus prefer warm temperatures. Temperatures too cold will slow them down greatly, and when they are below -50F Saurians will shut down entirely, going into a sort of natural stasis. They can survive in this state for many years if necessary, though this is not good for their health, mental or physical.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Saurians can go weeks without food or water, much longer than another race. In addition, the usually sleep only once every 2-3 earth days.

Biological Cycle

During certain times of the year Saurians are more likely to reproduce.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

210 IQ

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Saurians have amazing vision, nigh or day, being able to observe small objects at great distances as if they were up close. Saurian eyes can pick up far more colors than those of a human. Their hearing is also impeccable, giving them a sort of almost sonar sense. Lastly, Saurians are adept at sensing heat, both through their eyes and their skin. This allows for a sort of third sense for biological creatures in addition to near thermal vision.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Saurian, Astion

Historical Figures

Saurian Emperor Aku, Supreme Admiral Valda, Supreme General Magnus, High Admiral Zarock.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Saurians are generally quite xenophillic, preferring negotiations to subjugation, though in this cruel galaxy it is rare that the other race agrees.
Genetic Descendants
1,500 years
Average Height
10 ft
Average Weight
470-550 lbs
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