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Wave Tribe


Chieftan / Chieftess
Head of state / Judicial Authority / Grand Priest | Priestess   Spirit
Second in command / Holy Guard / Representative of the people   Oracle
Legislative body / Representative of satellite bases   Might
Wave Tribe Military   Will
Wave Tribe Members

Public Agenda

The Wave Tribe's public agenda has been one of reparation. After years of being in the public eye as an occasionally violent cultist group, they are attempting to demonstrate a new direction under their new leader Eora Neru


The Wave Tribe found its inception by becoming the first religiously associated tribe to take active steps to help the community.  


Chieftain / Chieftess
The Chief of the tribe is the head of state. Solely they decide the direction of the tribe per the advice of their advisors who are meant to represent the tribe's members.   The title of Chief is passed down through holy bloodlines. Never can the title be achieved by an outsider unless the entire bloodline is eliminated. In those cases, the title is passed to the individual holding the rank of Spirit, subsequently making their bloodline become the new holy bloodline.  


Responsibilities of the Chief are determined via gender:   Female rulers are responsible for producing two healthy offspring to continue the holy bloodline. As females of the holy bloodline are automatically considered to be holy, any partner which they choose would also be considered anointed.   Male rulers are responsible for producing at minimum two healthy offspring with a priestess. This priestess may be selected from a pool of designated holy individuals who have passed a certain number of trials and met a certain number of requirements in order to be considered.   Note: Any child produced from a non-holy entity becomes the assistant to the Spirit who becomes their effective guardian.  
The Spirit is the second in command of the Wave Tribe. The purpose of the Spirit is to represent the Wave Tribe's Members to the Chief.  


The Spirit is responsible for protecting and acting as the Chief's personal bodyguard. It is for these reasons that the Spirit is not permitted to reproduce of their own free will. They are expected to remain without any heirs to allow for complete and total fealty toward the Chief.   Discovery of any such child would typically require the Spirit participate in a trial to regain their position. Such trials or any other consequences would be at the sole discretion of the Chief.

Demography and Population

The Wave Tribe consists of approximately 200 members at its headquarters in Sunset Dawn, Wave District.   Satellite Bases
Major satellite bases of operations consist of approximately 1,000 combined members. Including its bases in Lindenburg, Havenstown, Fealtypeak, and Ravenscoast.


The Wave Tribe is located at Sunset Dawn. A city along the southeastern edge of the Wave District


The Might represent the Wave Tribe's military presence and are stationed in some form at all bases. The Might report directly to the Chief and operate per their discretion.   Traditionally, the Wave Tribe has emphasized limiting the horrors of conflict. Many Chiefs have had different answers to this ideology. What they all have in common are the intention to discourage extended bouts of conflict which can have unforeseen psychological impacts upon its members.   Recently, under the direction of the new Chieftess Eora Neru, Women, children, and the elderly have been barred from serving in direct conflict situations unless non-action would result in the physical harm to themselves or others.   Additionally, those who have not seen or experienced conflict have also been barred from participating in the Wave Tribe's military regiment the Might. Resulting in a slow but inevitable absolvement of its forces.

Geopolitical, Tribe
Eora Neru
Head of State
Eora Neru
Head of Government
Eora Neru
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
The Chief of the Wave Tribe serves as sole judicial authority.
Wave District
Notable Members

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