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Thevril, the White Lady

Thevril, the White Lady is the goddess of death & dying, twilight and funerary rites. She is seen as the the keeper and shepherd of souls. When a mortal soul dies, she weighs their actions against their believes and sends them to the realm she deems the most fitting.
If a child dies and has no one - no family or deity - to send them to, she keeps them in her realm, settling them in the impression of a Wonderland, until their souls are ready to move on or return to the world.
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Thevril is a very tall and slender woman, deathly pale skin, almost colourless eyes. She is usually depicted wearing a white burial shroud, carrying a handheld sichle in one hand and a small scale in the other.
Her physical appearance in this form is a snapshot of her in death.

While she rarely changes her form, when she visits her Wonderland or children who are afraid of her features, she will take on the appearance she had in life - green tinted skin, long curly mane of moss-green hair, very long pointy ears, crown of flowers and antlers and colourful clothing.
She can also able to change her appearance to any soul residing in her realm, which she also usually uses to easy the pain of passing for those who need it.


  • there is still very much an element of mischiviousness and trickery from her life as a fey left in her
  • due to the nature of her task and domain, Thevril often seems melancholy
  • the rest of the time though, she enjoys celebration of life and the memories of a life well lived
  • tries to be strict by her own code, but she still very much possesses the same temper and drive that made her claw her way into godhood. So if she finds a strong enough reason to stray from it, she goes hard and fast
  • in general Thevril can be seen as a very kind deity - though if one crosses her, she is indeed a terrifying and magnificient sight to behold


The most commonly used symbol for Thevril is a small scale inside of a handheld sickle.

Known Powers

  • in the moment of death, Thevril gains access to all the untainted memories of a person. She weighs their heart and actions in form of a gem against different weighs representing the faiths and beliefs existing in the world and beyond
  • sending souls to other realms
  • granting reprieve from death

  • as all beings of other planes, she is most powerful during the month of Rahuul, when all planes are more in alignment and the veils between are paperthin.
  • aside from that she is most powerful during fall and early winter, when many things die and pass over to hear realm, opening a multitude of pathways between her and Avaros.
  • due to the Planar Shift it requires the gods immense amounts of power to even just send an avatar of themselves to the Material Plane, which would drain her greatly
  • though she is able to appear to the dying in visions - but that is because they are already halfway to her realm. In those cases she will appear to those devout to her, those who may have done her a great deed (knowingly or unknowingly) and to most children
  • while she will never grant anyone exception to death itself, she has granted a reprieve before.
  • aside from those that her most devout are able to call back from death via divinely arcane means, if it is not their time yet, she has also granted boons like that to those who may be following a quest she gave them, or those she simply deems to still have a great role to play in the fate of the world. Though in all her years, both of those have been very, very rare to be granted.


  • Do not pity the dead, care for those who remain.
  • Aid people to die with dignity and only when their time is right.
  • Destroy those who seek to live beyond their years by abberrant means.
  • Destroy the abomination of undeath.
Ways her powers may not be used:
  • they may absolutely not be used to elongate a life in abbarant means.
  • They may not be used to to create undeath
  • they may not be used to support either of those two done by others.


  • prayers to her can be done anywhere and everywhere, but in places of death they will reach her easier
  • certain incences will also be able to carry a message to her on its smoke
  • While she doesn't resent those who don't respect her, she pities them. She does not demand worship, but death will come to all and everyone. Paying it respect just makes things easier.


Thevril was once, many milennia and eras ago, just as mortal as those who walk the realm of Avaros. A powerful and ambicious fey, many expected her to reach the rank of Archfey within a century, as her power was close to that of a deity already. Very in tune with nature, she worshipped and followed Nodar, the Decayed.
But then, tragedy struck. With her husband far away on diplomatic mission, her duchy was besieged by abberant creatures and warlords. She died, protecting her home against them. As she fell, she saw enemies storming the castle gates, knowing with her power gone, nothing stood in the way of those creatures going for her children hiding away in their rooms. In her anguish, she pushed all her considerable power towards moving past death itself, fighting to reach the realm of dead and wrested the Scythe of Soul Harvesting from Nodar's inattentive hands.
Now with literal powers of a god, she created a whimsical demiplane within the plane of death itself, reminiscent of her duchy in the Feywild, with elements of stories she used to tell her children. With that accomplished, she went searching for her children's souls, guiding them towards this Wonderland of planes to give them a respite from the death and violence they were witness and victim to.
During her search she came across many other wandering souls that she helped guide to where she thought they should go. If she came a cross a child that wasn't looking for family, she took them by the hand and send them off to her Wonderland as well.

Even after accomplishing her self set task, she didn't relinquish the Scythe. She had seen the many tasks her god was tending too, and how the delicate and painful task of reaping souls was left to a distracted afterthought and bargained with Nodar to keep the task. She also changed the Scythe into a much smaller handheld sickle as well as a balance scale, so she could do more precisely what she had done just on instinct before.


  • after her death she still kept her relationship to her mortal husband, though his death and her inabilty to grant him the same chance as she gave her children (his soul was ready to pass on) caused her great grief and had her on the verge of becoming a negligent deity


  • was a follower of Nodar when she was a mortal
  • the heart and actions of a person take form of a different type of gem, while the beliefs of the people and world are represented as weights.
  • The White Lady
  • The Last Scale
  • Death & Dying
  • Twilight
  • Funerary Rights
Common Symbol Scales inside a handheld sickle
Symbol of Thevril by Simurgh
Gender female
Pronouns she/her

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Character Portrait image: Nāve (Death) by Janis Rozentāls
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