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Deity Overview PV

Major Deities

Deity Title Province Common Symbol
Amera (they) Spellbinder Magic, knowledge, learning
Barvor (he) The Obscure
The Veiled One
Moon, sun, light, truth, illusion
Eyar(she) Bride of Battle
Bride of War
War, tactics, strength, valor, warriors, battle A shield and halo
Symbol of Eyar by Simurgh
by Miguel Coimbra
Iaos (he) Light Bringer Revelry, joy, community
Nodar(he) The Decayed Wilderness, flora & fauna, weather, elements
Pheydor (they) The High Order Civilization, law, Order
Rishnavad (he) Ravenstar Divination, future, fate, chance
Tanas (they) Horizon Walker Horizons, travel, wanderers, stars, navigation A lone star above the horizon and a road leading towards it
Thevril(she) The White Lady
The Last Scale
Death, Twilight, funerary rites Scales inside a handheld sickle
Symbol of Thevril by Simurgh
Nāve (Death) by Janis Rozentāls
Thodall (she) The Shrewd Trade, commerce
Vedis (he) The Faithful Literature, words, poetry
Yenna (she) The Eternal One Creation, invention, craft, art
Ygtris (she) Light Weaver Hearth, home & domestic life, Hospitality

Deity Title Province Common Symbol
Aara (she) Oracle of Fury Magic, Knowledge, domination, tyranny
Dhaknos (he) Hand of Lament Trade, Greed, infamy
Erivar (she) Coldshroud Darkness, Coldness, panic, necromancy
Gorosh (she) The Corrupter
The Kingmaker
Lies, deceit, envy, treachery
Ogen (he) The Executioner War, mayhem, chaos, disasters, wrath
Yeyr (they) Peace Bringer
Speaker of Silence
Death, pestilence, disease, decay

Minor Deities

Deity Title Province Common Symbol

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