Session Zero: Arrivals

General Summary

• Yelnorin was tasked with meeting the sailor Vacks and scouting "The Crags".   • The Crags are a collection of large rock formations at sea roughly a mile out from Raisen. They are frequently checked after storms due to the likelihood of ships crashing into them in conditions with low visibility.   • Shao, a young boy in the lords employ, accompanied Yelnorin and Vacks on this task and ended up insulting the sailors on several occasions with his snobby attitude. Shao is proficient in the medicine skill but not much else. • The first ship Yelnorin and the sailors found was the remains of Esteban's ship. They found him drunk and starved. Esteban claims to have been at sea for a month, but it could have been longer.   • Esteban allowed the sailors to speak with him and set foot on his ship in exchange for a loaf of bread. The group complied with this request, and while reaching for it Esteban rolled over.   • The Sailors, Shao, and Yelnorin were all suspicious of Esteban, claiming that they don't trust drunk men.   • After a heated argument ending with Shao insulting Esteban's time and pride as a sailor, Esteban smacked Shao across the head with his Belaying Pin. Knocking the boy unconscious, and leaving a permanent scar.   • Esteban was originally going to sail away from the others after being the first person on Vacks' skipper, but Vacks made it clear to Esteban that if he sailed back into town on that ship without him the town would respond with hostility. Esteban was eventually convinced, but only after saying "Then you better get a move on then" while still cutting the rope connecting the skipper to the ruins of his own ship.   • Eventually the group found a second ship that was in far better condition. It's mast had snapped in half and collapsed into the water, the group used this to get up onto the ship. Part way up they heard cries for help. Upon investigating the deck, they found a parrot pecking at bloodied remains and entrails. Shortly after the Seabeast "Dagon" appeared. Combat begins.   • Esteban and Yelnorin eventually overcome the beast, with Yelnorin dealing the killing blow after cutting off it's tail. • After defeating the beast, and while exploring the ship Esteban discovered marks indicating a potential skirmish. This implied that the ship was attacked long before the beast or thunderstorm had arrived.   • Shortly after checking the entrails on the deck, Esteban found evidence of rope burns on all of the dead. Esteban believes they were tied to the mast after being attacked or raided.   • During his investigation of the ship, Esteban discovered a box of cigars. He now keeps these in his coat pocket.   • Not long after, the group decided to return to Raisen and report to the lord.   • The lord was pleased to hear that Dagon had been defeated, however showed concern when he heard that his package could not be discovered. Matamura explained to Esteban that the item he hopes to find is a relic he purchased from a far away land.   • The relic is supposedly shaped like an egg, and gives off a feint glow due to magical runes and veins running across it's form. He was transporting this relic to Raisen on behalf of a local wizard (Farley De'fron). Matamura hopes to find the relic soon, as it could damage his otherwise spotless reputation if word gets out that he failed to deliver such a valuable item to a buyer.   • Yelnorin requested Dagon's body be turned into heavy armour for himself. Esteban asked for the head, so that he may one day display it on a wall.   • Both Yelnorin and Esteban were paid a 300gp bounty for killing Dagon.   • After the encounter with the lord, Esteban was given permission to use the lord's facilities to clean himself up. He had a warm bath, and tormented a young boy by making him squeeze lemons in front of him.   • Yelnorin eventually started his guard duty.   • Esteban eventually retired to an inn, where he asked about the town and learned of it's interesting laws and punishment system. He eventually sat down and joined a group of strangers for a game of dice, he lost his first bet of 10 gold, and won 15 gold on his second attempt. He got to know the patrons a little bit, learning of a ship that had arrived in town after the thunder storm. Esteban took note of this and planned to check up on it the following day.   • While prowling the streets, Esteban ran into some Sahuagin disguised as civilians under rain coats. When Esteban discovered this, they attempted to kill him. Shortly after Yelnorin arrives after hearing a strange language spoken while on his guard duty (choosing to investigate it while his co-workers went home for the night). Combat begins.   • Yelnorin and Esteban are victorious with the help of the guard, but they come out heavily wounded. On the bodies of one of the Sahuagin, they find a hand drawn note implying that they should kill the crew Esteban heard of earlier.

Rewards Granted

Case of Magical Cigars - Esteban found these in the captains quarters aboard the abandoned ship in The Crags.

Missions/Quests Completed

Expedition into The Crags.

Character(s) interacted with

Vacks - Sailor who led the expedition into The Crags.   Lord Matamura

Report Date
26 Sep 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location
The Crags