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Avanlar is a D&D style world. The main continent is a large place filled with ruins, mysteries, and history. Years before the current events, a king came to power named King Rein. He had a mystical artifact that granted him terrible power enough to level cities and tear down kingdoms. Nearly half the peninsula was under his rule before the remaining regions banded together to defeat him. History books say King Rein was killed by a hero with an equal and opposite level of power. Today, the kingdom of Caverde has been split by a revolution. Apufordom has split off the north section of the peninsula and after a time, battle began. King Barriol, the king of Caverde, has tried to resolve the conflict peacefully but to no avail, unfortunately. The Superior Royal Advisor, Euan Harrol, wants to reclaim the land stolen from the kingdom and to protect the citizens of the peninsula.

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