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Drake Oil

Drake oil is the common term for perhaps the most revolutionary material in the Kingdom of Albion's history. The result of combining powdered emberglass with refined whale oil, drake oil is highly volatile and combustible, a quality that has kick-started an industrial revolution throughout the nation.
  The process of refinement necessary to produce the explosive qualities of drake oil was first discovered by the then fairly obscure natural philosopher and ancient historian Albert Clifford. Clifford had been studying the ruins of the Ancient Ones for some 15 years but had achieved very little in the way of practicable research. Clifford however, believed that the emberglass deposits commonly found at the Ancient One ruins he frequented were of much more significant importance than they initially appeared. Despite this, aside from the development of small fireworks and party poppers, the uses of emberglass appeared limited and, as money became tight, Clifford turned his attention to the more profitable study of whale oil.
  In a freak accident that almost destroyed his entire workshop, Clifford soon realised that when exposed to refined whale oil the explosive properties of emberglass appeared to be amplified by many degrees. This discovery led to a series of experiments which ultimately resulted in the refined product that has come to be known as drake oil.
  During these experiments Clifford lost three fingers and his face became badly burned and scarred along one side. Because of this, it was also during these experiments that Clifford developed the 'drake oil containment unit': A cylindrical chamber with access ports designed to safely contain the substance and allow for its safe use within machinery.
  Due to its immense volatility, drake oil has led to the wholesale adoption of universal access ports in much of the Kingdom of Albion's infrastructure, particularly those industrial in nature, and is used to power steam engines across the Kingdom. Because of this, Albion towns and cities have become known in nations of the greater continent as consistently smelling like rotten fish.


Material Characteristics

Drake oil is a semi-viscous liquid of deep crimson colour which flows with a consistency of warm honey. It has a glossy sheen and appears almost black when light is faint.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Highly volatile and combustible. Used as a fuel source for much of Albion's infrastructure.



Geology & Geography

Synthesized from emberglass and refined whale oil.

Origin & Source

Discovered by the natural philosopher and ancient historian Albert Clifford.

Life & Expiration

Drake oil volatility actually increases with time as the emberglass becomes more diffuse throughout the substrate. It has not yet been discovered whether its properties eventually fade.
Fish/Rotten Fish
Rancid/Rotten Fish
Deep Crimson
Common State
Semi-viscous liquid

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