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The realm of Avadant is one with huge diversity. The Cold North has some of the harshest winters and tall mountains, while the Dark South is a place with endless nights, dark auras and inky waters. In the middle, are wild landscapes and thriving wildlife, desolate seas, thick forest and vast plains. It is also beetween Cold North and Dark South one can find most of Avadant's civilitations.   The kingdoms on land have recently forged alliances, either to defend from attackers or to conquer others. These conflicts have been here for decades and will continue to exist unless a major event occurs...   The people in the Great Seas has taken a distance from the wars at land, and have started to isolate themselves from the outside world. As a matter of fact, the empires of the deep has started to turn hostile against people from the land. Reasons are uknown, but recently people has seen "unusual sights" near the waters...   Meanwhile in the skies, the aerials continue their scientific work above above the soaring skies in their metropolis. Unlike the people "down below", these people don't care about "foreign politics" and continue to mind their own business. Completely ignorant of what's happening on surface, the aerials continue with their own individual problems. Other than that, no one knows what they do nowadays...   As if things weren't complicated enough, there has emerged "strange events" in numerous places around Avadant. Some more harmless than others, but one can never know when something evil is making a grand scheme...   There are a lot of things happening in Avadant, which can be overwhelming. So let's take a step back and start small: let's start with how YOU impacted this realm...

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The Awakening

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

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