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Vengili Funeral

Funerary customs of the Vengili people, natives to Queorne, are nearly identical across all tribes. They involve the tribe as a whole in commemoration of the deceased.


Nobody knows when the tradition first began, as it has been a part of Vengili culture for a very long time. However, the oldest records of such funerary rites were found in the ancient scrawlings of the Tufil Tribe. It depicts the steps of the funeral in extreme detail, even down to the decoration of the pyre, with a long list of those whose funerals were done in this fashion.


During a Vengili's life, they must select a Recipient of the Tap, a close individual who is recognized at their funeral as a honored guest and the one who receives their Tap of the Warrior, a spiritual power that allows one to enhance their physical bodies. This Recipient can change upon the request of the Vengili, and if one does not select one before their death, the Chieftain decides who would be best for the role. For the actual funeral, a pyre is constructed, adorned with a physical object, be it an animal, flower, etc. the deceased was most fond of. When the body is laid upon the pyre, the Recipient first receives the Tap with help from the Shaman. Then, the Chieftain makes a speech about them and paints a tattoo on their chest that designates who they were and how they contributed to the tribe. Then, the Recipient places a sealed, pre-written letter on their chest, as it's believed to be passed on to them in the next life. The Shaman then sprinkles incense atop the body, to provide a sweet aroma of memory for both the crowd and the deceased's second life. Finally, the pyre and body is burned, and the funeral ends with the Shaman blessing the Recipient.

Components and tools

    • A traditional incense used by the Shaman to provide a memory of the deceased for the audience, as well as blessing the deceased
    • A paste used in making Vengili tattoos, used by the Chieftain in the ceremony to paint a tattoo of recognition upon the deceased's chest
  • A letter, written and sealed by the Recipient before the funeral, is addressed to the dead Vengili's soul in their next life
  • Participants

    Chieftain- The tribe's chieftain attends the funeral to eulogize the deceased   Shaman- The tribe's singular shaman attends the funeral to aid in the Tap's transference, bless the Recipient when obtaining the Tap, and bless the deceased's soul during their trip to the next life   Recipient of the Tap- An honored guest, usually a loved one of the deceased, who receives their Tap of the Warrior

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    5 Jul, 2018 16:26

    I really like the addition of the letter on the chest. I think that'd be a good spot for a bit of narrative to explain how a family member feels about having to write and burn that letter. I think the act would bring the family closure.

    5 Jul, 2018 16:38

    Definitely. Again, Recipients do not have to be family members of the Vengili, as they could be a battle compatriot, a relational partner, or someone else they really trust.