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The War of the Riders

An old story that has been passed down many generations which might relate to the worlds issues as present. The story is one that is very simple about a group of supposed of war deserters of one of the biggest wars at the time. To redeem their names they traveled to the other side of the Continent to request help of the Elves in the war. After securing the help of them they ended up battling all the way back and were in the biggest fight of the war. A red Dragon named Zayreorth, The Powerful One landed in and fought the heroes after what seemed like an eternity the beast was slain which put fears in the hearts of all the warriors surrounding. For dragons were often regarded as beasts who would fight the gods themselves. The armies seeing the beast was slain retreated in horror and the war was ended summarily afterwards. Though it is said beings with a heart of pure evil or pure good may be reincarnated. In the end though this is nothing but a folktale to show that mortals have powers beyond what they think right?

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