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The year of the conquered

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The world of Autikea a truly beautiful land full of mythical beasts, races, and mysteries. Originally founded by the goddess Zusyn. She wanted a world where life could thrive and enjoy everything it has to behold. Though after creating the races she grew increasingly tired. So with the last of her power, she created an after-life for the people. Leaving the world to her children gods. She now rests there waiting for all to come to her.   After a few thousand years the gods were all but forgotten. The mortal races began to worship pagan gods and heroes of the world. The god of the forge Esaldir grew increasingly irate as his pride was wounded by this. After a few hundred years he forged his ultimate creation a Warhammer which would shatter the landscape known to the races. The other children gods caught wind of this and became divided by this. Some wanting to be able to be known by the races while others believed that the races should be left to their own devices.   Esaldir growing increasingly impatient decided to act. He brought the hammer down which shook the landscape. Bringing all the minor continents back together into one major one Eofarias. The many races of Autikea were in utter horror as they were ripped apart from families, friends, and neighbors. The waves of the ocean took many major cities under its massive waves. Wuxlous upon seeing this went straight for Esaldir instead of continuing his cycle of day and night. The sun and moon not being led began to combine together into a mass of blood. The people of Autikea thought this was truly the apocalypse.   After Esaldir's punishment, Wuxlous returned to his position in the sky. It became clear the world they had watched over many millennia was no longer the same. A rift on the massive continent was seen and found the gods and mortals. Thus this major portion of history was dubbed "The Great Division." New races of creatures also began to pop up around the world. Not originally apart of the numerous races that were apart of Zusyn's original design.   With all these new changes the world that was forced together became more divided. Numerous countries declared themselves to be rulers of a certain area even though it might encroach on a pre-established country. Numerous wars were waged as a result the world is divided into 15 different countries made up of numerous races. Some being primarily one over the other. The current countries that have shown their absolute dominance are Ashax of the Humans, Oshea of the Elves, Eastern Gewhua of the Dwarves, Uscoaburg of the Orcs. Finally Hostrein, an Island nation off the western coast Eofarias. During the great division, it was not fully forced to combine with the rest of the continent. Unlike the others, no race is the main one there. They were forced to work with each other to live.