Fried Brain Town

Fried Brain Town is the capital of Authorworld.   Laura: The saloon of Fried Brain Town serves liquid despair on tap with a side of writers slice shaved right off the block. Scrambled eggs with melted ideas are the house special. The clocks are whack too.   The horses are all nightmares and daydream stallions. They cannot walk in a straight line but meander in stray paths.   No one knows who founded Fried Brain Town, but legend says if you stay for a long enough period of time, you will be raptured back to Productive Land. That may be a legend though.   Lone writers wander, not even dreaming of the days of their quickdraw pens and colt keyboards.   In Fried Brain Town, the heat is overwhelming. It sucks out all motivation and the will to continue. Weeds shrivel, and only the lone dead tree remains of what was once a thriving town.   Words of Inspiration Lake, located outside of Fried Brain Town, dried up years ago and the cracked surface of mud are reminiscent of letters in nonsensical order, remains of pep talks and speeches long gone.   The lone tree was used for a hanging, but rarely. Manuscripts that had given up the ghost were staked to it for the sun to bleach their bones back to white. Vultures didn't even try to steal the ideas left out to dry, for they were products of a fried brain. Even the clouds of dust could not hold the interest of a writer with with their uninspired swirls in the motes of mind baking light. No one cleaned the spittoons where writers would regurgitate words they had been chewing over in an attempt to feel like they were accomplishing something, even though no one would ever see the word vomit.   A dragon lives outside of Fried Brain Town. It read all of the books in the Ivory Tower of Erudition and is an activist to counteract the Harmful Stereotypes of Draconic Beings.


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Lizzie A. Lakes
5 Aug, 2020 19:01

Hey y'all, welcome to town!

5 Aug, 2020 22:59

I feel right at home!