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Desert is Sokoreth's primary biome, however rain forests and savana freely dot the continent. It holds plenty of beautiful beaches and fourteen mountainous ranges between the south and southeast. It gathers it name, which means "placenta of the goddess", from it red sands and the shape of the landmass. Continuing its trademark color of red, there are many beautiful canyons and mines full of rubies, garnet, and other red jewels.   In contrast, its forests are the birthplace of green. It is full of lush plants and beautiful tropic trees, as well as many different creatures. The primary sentient life here are ogres and elves. There are a couple of human bands clustered in the mountain ranges, but the majority is split between ogress and elves.   Beautiful gullies and ravines run through the continent.

Fauna & Flora

Trees:   Sycamores   Sidrat   Tangkal   Terebinth   Sefate   Geed   Igi   Edible Plants:   Plantain   Banana   Mango   Breadfruit   Domesticated Animals:   Okapi   Common Phoenix   Pegasus   Basilisk   Harpy   Wild Animals:   Saiga Antelope   Dragons   Hydra   Wild Basilisk

Natural Resources

Large mineral and jewel deposits in the form of Garnet, Rubies and other red gems. Some domestic animals.


Follow the history of a typical earth-based planet up until pangaea. At that point, the landmass that would later become Sokoreth and Kata, happened to settle over a large crust of the planet. The region became a hot spot for volcanic activity as well as earthquakes.   After The Great Separation, in which the landmass broke off into Sokoreth and Kata, Sokoreth's former volcanoes cooled into the fourteen mountain ranges now decorating its south and their ashes fertilized the soil there. Hence the couple of countries there have agriculture as their main source of income. The sands from the rest of the continent obtained their color from the breakdown of minerals and jewels that joined the already broken up bedrock.   This environment spawned one original human species, Homo Sapiens Orgerius. They developed a couple features that help them survive in that space. One is their rather rotund figure. Similar to a bactrian camel, they store fat easier than other species in order to survive longer in the desert space. Their is also their eyes, which have black sclera to cut down on the sun's glare. Lastly is their horn, no one is sure why this feature evolved, though they suspect it has something to do with defense capabilities.   Once the envrionment settled, plant life bloomed and transformed the largely desolate south into lush rain forests. The coasts eroded into serene beaches and transformed the continent into its recognizable form today.


Tourist hotspots include:   The Onyx Dunes     Oas Muru: The Trade Oasis     Grand Bassa Forest     And The Palace of Ayola Madea the III

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Placentgess (Euris Elves)
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