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Basic Information


Similar to humans, elves, and orcs, the half-orc owns all their shared characteristics.   The hallmarks of a half-orcs appearance are green skin, tusks, a human/elf (rather than snout-like) nose, and human/elf eyes. They are usually smaller than an average orc but taller than an average human. Their ears are usually a tossup between their parents. Some, who are half-human, have shorter ears, while half-elves have longer ears, though many tend to have the ears of either of their parents.   They also have subgenders, since that is a dominant trait.

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike full-orcs, half orcs will experience ruts and estrus monthly. This is due to the monthly nature of the menstrual cycle for human and elf women. This makes them more sought after by many half-orcs and full orc's due to this fact.   In terms of the amount of cubs born, half-orc dams can birth two to three cubs on average. If they procreate with a full orc, they'll give birth to three or four. Procreation with an elf or human will only guarantee one to three.

Growth Rate & Stages

While their growth rates are highly similar to orcs, most get the first estrus or rut cycle at age fourteen. Their tusks stop growing around age 16, and they don't grow outwards like most orc adults after reaching their maximum height.

Ecology and Habitats

They can make their habitats anywhere, though most prefer equatorial habitats since they won't have to go into hibernation.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like orcs, they have a diet mostly based on meat, but their human and/or elf parentage means they'll have to eat more vegetation than a full orc. Because of this diet, they tend to have the teeth of a laxer omnivore, more similar to humans and elves than full orcs.

Biological Cycle

Highly similar to orcs.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Half-orcs have human/elf noses, ears, and hands. They have tusks and similar dental to orcs. They can have the eyes of either parent.

Average Intelligence

Sapient on the level of humans and orcs. The aid of an animalistic instinct puts them closer to orcs in terms of survival intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

While half-orc Alphas can use command, a half-orc's sense of smell is weaker than a full orc's.   Similar to full orcs, they can perform the renewal ceremony, but they can only do so once a year. This forms a semblance of identity loss in half-orcs.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Sapiens Viridi Dente
100 yrs
Conservation Status
Rare, yet not endangered.
Average Height
7' 6"
Average Weight
250-350 lbs.
Average Physique
Many have more gangly bodies than orcs and tend to be lankier.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
While some can be green, it is possible for others to take after the skin color of their elf or human parent.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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