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The Year of Hais

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In a world that closely mirrors our own, we explore the tale of the five races. The Orcs, The Ogres, The Humans, and The Elves. As the world was evolving, other strains of humans remained and evolved into the other four races.   An Earth-like planet, Aurus has pastel yellow sky with bands of turquoise, pale blue, and peach. It three moons, Sirim, Bestos, and Hais. It is 1.54 times the size of Earth. It has a radius of 6,096 miles / 9,811 km. It's temperature ranges from a low of -72.4 degrees Fahrenheit to a high of 168.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The average surface temperature is 48.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The water prevalence is 63%. 35% is surface water and 28% is subterranean. It is suitable for earth-based life.   An average day is 36 hours and an average year is 330 Earth days. There are multiple distinct seasons with notable temperature differences during the year. For this reason, most of the races use lunar calendars with 10 months that have 33 days. Since there are three different moons, many use the position of each moon to keep track of weeks and years.   Rare celestial phenomena include the horizontal and vertical alignment of the three moons.   Aurus has five continents. Two lay at the poles while the other three lay in the middle.