Aurora Theme

Date: Aurora Day!

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A theme inspired by the Finnish Foxfire/Aurora legend. Night sky blues and blacks with the vibrant colors of the aurora.
  Thanks for stopping by to check out my Aurora theme. I've been designing it for my 'author world', but thought it would be fun to share!  
If you have a problem or issue, please leave a comment on this page: Suggestion Box. Please don't give Dimitris a bug report for it. I am the maintainer of this theme.   If you want to follow the theme's progress - see the github project.
I've put alot of work and 2K+ lines of code into the theme's development. To really get a feel for the theme, click on the 'book' above to learn about the theme's features. (How each WA container/feature looks and the bonus classes in the theme.)  
You are free to use the theme on your WA Worlds (the CSS, background, book cover and header image for the theme). Cover credits can be found below.

Theme page background courtesy of: Benjamin Suter at Pexels
You may not use the sample theme material (articles, images etc) without written permission from the author.
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