The Eildroh Inn

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The Eildroh Inn is one of the many buildings in the Bronzeford Library mostly known as the Black Market, that are located in Giazia - EN. Everyone around Aurin knows that Giazia is also known for being the capital of the Black Market and home for thieves, smugglers, and outlaws. But it is also where you go when you need help to do something outside of the law and the Guardians watchful eyes. One of those places where you would go to in Giazia for that is The Eildroh Inn.

History of the Inn

During the rebellion in Giazia during the year 243 E.M (After Magic), people needed a secrete place to sell stolen objects and smuggle them under the nose of the law. The people in the capital Gigarzia turned the Bronzeford Library into the Black Market. Every area of the building is today a place of trade, thieves, smugglers, and travelers. In the building you can find a market and different shops and stores. Most of those stores and shops started during the rebellion. One of the inns that have been there since the rebellion is The Eildroh Inn. It was founded because the rebels needed a safe place to sleep at where no one would suspect them.
  The inn was founded by a guild of smugglers that called themselves Eildroh. Eildroh means second chance and for them the guild is a second chance. It was created during one of the most uncertain times in Giazia's history that turned the whole country into the Black Market. It started personally for them to be a safe place during the rebellion that they later extended into an inn and a secret information place and smuggler organization. After the rebellion they decided to keep the inn as an inn, but they have a secret place in the inn that only the guild knows about. Their guild emblem is a dice that shows the number two that symbolize their guild name and what the guild and the inn's historical impact in the guild.
"We live in uncertain times, but this inn will be our safe place. Here we will rote ourselves and when this rebellion is over, we will still have work. Because no one knows the ins and outs when it comes to doing something illegal like we do. Mark my words we are the gatekeepers of the smuggler routes. This inn will be our Eildroh."

  The Eildroh Inn has been runed by the Eildroh guild since it was founded. Almost everyone in the guild works at the inn, some only have special jobs outside of the inn to check the smuggler routes or get information. But most of the guild works at the inn, either in the kitchen, at the bar, at the game tables, some even work as bards and others clean. But all of them make sure to listen to any kind of information they can get when they walk around in the inn and the streets.

The Eildroh Inn today

Today The Eildroh Inn is a place where people gather to eat lunch, dinner or breakfast, drink with fellow thieves, friends, smugglers, merchants, and sailors. They even have bards that comes in and play on some nights and occasionally they have bard contests. Every Friday they have Maotl Cards competitions were you can win a lot of money, but if you are caught cheating you better run. Trying to trick a lot of thieves and outlaws that knows the ins and outs of the whole city is not a good idea.
  In the inn you can always find information about anything you are looking for in the capital. They know everything that goes around in the streets, and they are still the only guild that knows every smuggler route around Giazia. If you know who to ask in the inn you can even find someone in the guild that knows about some secrete routes around Aurin. Most of them have done some work outside of Giazia to study and learn about different routes around Aurin. They also make sure to regularly check on the routes every now and then to see if the routes are still safe for them to take or if it is more guarded then last time.
  The people that work at The Eildroh Inn can get their hands on almost any object and any information. They take payment but you must pay them discreetly, after all they live in a country filled with thieves and outlaws. Their guild code is If there is no way make one. Some of them are melends but most of them are regular people that grow up in Giazia. They don´t always take money as payment sometimes it can be a bet that they lost or someone trading for information.
  The staff at The Eildroh inn are still only the guild members of The Eildroh Guild. Throughout the generations they let the younger members of the guild work at the inn and when they are older, they are allowed to follow an older and more experience member out to check the smuggler routes. New members of the staff need to first be accepted into the guild before they will let anyone work at the inn. They don’t trust just anyone with the inn. Most of the members of the guild works at the inn and keeps and eye out for thieves that are trying to steal from them or Guardians. They don’t want to mess with the law even do they work with illegal stuff. They also keep an eye and ear out for any kind of information that could be useful. The inn still serve food to the poor and orphans around the capital, and if they try to pay them, they don’t take it. It is the only time they don’t want any kind of payment for their work or information.
  In the inn you will always find people either drinking, eating, playing games or someone that flies from the angry thieves they tried to trick. But one rule in The Eildroh Inn that everyone fallows is no fights inside. If you going to fight someone you must do it outside. The only reason they aren’t taken down by The Magic Council is because sometimes Guardians show up asking for help or information.
"You know the deal Guardian; you must pay me like everyone else. Just because you think you stand over the law doesn’t mean I will do you any favors. Pay first then information.

  The Eildroh Inn is also known for their food. You can smell it as soon as you enter the Black Market. They cook local food from their Jahix Culture and local food specific to Giazia. Most of their food are fish, noodles, rice and pork and chicken. They have fruits and vegetables that grows around the islands of Giazia. Some of them are imported from Long Xae. Their foods also have a lot of herbs that you can eat and that are healthy for you. The herbs are something that they have used since the rebellion when they founded the inn. It was because their food was something that some of the people only got to eat even orphans, so the guild leader wanted them to eat something healthy too. So, the guilds healer gave the chef of the inn some herbs that you can eat and are good for you to cook with.
  They even made some of it into healthy candy and different pastry that they serve when it is someone’s birthday. Many different people visit the inn daily. It can be melends and Guardians from The Magic Council, traveling pirates, bards, dwarfs that want to see if they have any luck with the Maotl Cards, sailors, merchants, elves, orcs and people that just need information. The inn is almost never empty, and it is almost never quiet. Is it always some laughter, cheers, music or sounds of a dice or cards that being dealt that comes from the place. Some thinks it makes it hard for the guest at the inn to sleep but the walls dampen out most of the noise.

The Inn's Architecture

Because the Bronzford Library used to be a library and still have the outer structure of one the inn only has one upper floor. The inn is built in a light wood, everything in the inn looks like a mixture of luxury and simple. They use both Melgra and lights to light up the place. If someone of the Crehe Culture stays at the inn they place melgra plants in their room instead of fire lit candles or lanterns.
  The floor is the library’s stone floor, at least at the bottom floor. The upstairs floor is in darker wood. There are windows around the inn but most of the windows looks out at the library turned into a Black Market. If you lucky you have a window that are part of the Bronzford Library's structure and can see the streets of the capital Gigarzia. But there is only one wall of the entire inn that is made in stone, the stone wall is part the Bronzford Library’s own structure. When they built the inn they used one of the walls as the back of the inn and the roof is the upper floor of the library. It was because they did not have that many supplies at the time to build an actual roof.
  In the inn around the tables, you can see some rugs that the guild has "bought" themselves. There are two doors into the inn, the first is the main entry the other one is the backdoor that only the guild members know about. In the entry inn there is about thirty-five rooms for guests some have double beds and others have single beds, and some have more than one single bed in them. Outside they also have a stable, even do most people chose to have their horses at the stables at the bottom floor of the Bronzford Library.
  When you walk inside of the inn, they have a list of rules hanging by the wall for everyone to read, along with the week’s menu.
"The rules here is simple, read them and you won´t get into trouble."

  The inn looks smaller on the outside than it does on the inside. It is because of the open floor plan and the high roof. The scene for the bards is a big scene that is right in front of the bar. There is a lot of round tables around the inn for game play and to eat by. In the inn there is a lot of wooden pillars that are perfect for someone to blend in with when they don´t want to stick out.
  There is one secrete room in the inn where the guild leader lives. He or she store every kind of information in there like maps over the smuggler routes, objects that they have stolen and even secret recipes.


As one of the oldest inns at the Black Market it has faced a lot of rumors, most of them are out of jealousy. No other inn at the Black Market is as successful as The Eildroh Inn. Some rumors says that the inn is still running because of an old deal the guild leader did during the rebellion that changed Giazia into what it is today. Other says that the staff at The Eildroh Inn cheats at game night and there are a lot of rumors of what kind of treasures the guild keep at the inn, but no thief outside of the guild has ever been successful enough to find it. Some rumors says that one of Aurin’s most famous bards Lucill Sage played there, but no one believes that one to be true.
The Eildroh Inn by Charlotte.S
Founding Date
243 E.M (After Magic)
Connected Rooms

The Eildroh Inn´s rules

Rule number 1: Read the rules   Rule number 2: No fighting inside the inn   Rule number 3: If something gets stolen it is not our problem   Rule number 4: Cheaters have three strikes, after that you are band from game night   Rule number 5: Bards have to get approved by the innkeeper before they perform (even if it is a contest!)   Rule number 6: if you break anything you pay for it!   Rule number 7: You enter the inn at your own risk. We are not responsible for your own behavior.   Rule number 8: If you break any of this rules we have the right to throw you out head first. This is your only warning.

The Menu of the Week

The chef´s special     Fried rice with the season’s herbs and vegetables     Smokey pork with grilled fruit     Fish wrap with fried herbs     Noodle salad with Ocean Syrup     Noodles with chicken and season's herbs and vegetables     Herb and fruit salad with a dash of Ocean Syrup and lemon     Rice with pork sausages and fried egg mixed with herbs

Deserts of the month

Ice cream with Ocean Syrup     Herb cookies     Fried fruit, herbs, and ice cream     Bey cake     Green and Blue Swirls     Smokey Agrob

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