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Eraijo is a snail that lives around the Izea Islands. Especially around the capital Grosava. The snail feeds on certain leaves and seaweed found on the coast around the Izea islands. The Eraijo snail lives in small shells and grows up to five centimetres. They live up to twelve years and live on rocks along the coast and under the water's surface near seaweed.       The slime of the Eraijo snail is special. Because it eats certain types of leaves that only lives around the Izea islands and the seaweed that grows there, it produces extra mucus. This mucus is used by the people of Izea as glue and oil. They use this glue on their ships and boats. The oil is used in their cooking and for varnishing wood. Their shells are also used in cooking. The people of Izea like to fry the snail shells and cook them, especially for their traditional seafood soup.
12 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The male snail's body has a green-blue colour. The female snail's body has purple and blue colours.   The shell of the snail is deep green with light blue spots.
Geographic Distribution
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