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The Sigyn Archipelago

The Sigyn Archipelago is a chain of islands to the west of the continent of Aegis. These islands shrouded in the mists, are not found on any map. It is said that only those who seek them must completely lose themselves and give their vessel over to Kioron God of the Sea and trust in them to guide them through the mists and the storms can find these mythic isles.   There one would find riches beyond even the most imaginative could conceive. Artifacts of the ancient world and many of its secrets could be found within the many resplendent temples amongst the archipelago.


Across the archipelago there are volcanic mountains, with dense tropical jungles. Nestled within the various mountains of the isles many waterfalls can be found.   The volcanic activity coupled with the immense rains during the rainy season on the archipelago has left several islands in the chain as an obsidian wasteland. Very dangerous creatures roam these dark seas of glass. The local tribal civilizations have come to refer to these seas as the Bloodsea of Glass.

Ecosystem Cycles

While it does not necessarily get cold in the archipelago, they do have a winter season. During this time the weather still stays relatively hot and humid. Additionally, there is a a rainy season, during which severe thunderstorms are not uncommon. These storms come with torrential downpours and can lead to flash flooding in areas of the archipelago, washing out the terra in the area and making travel overland extremely difficult.

Localized Phenomena

The Night Falls is a waterfall that stems from the side of a mountain, with seemingly nothing to feed it. Had that not been unique enough the falls flow with a brilliant amethyst colour. It resembles the vibrancy of the night sky. The locals believe that if they pass through the falls they with enter the realm of Noctua Goddess of Darkness & Shadow.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mythic Isles


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