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Startouched is an affliction that affects the Lunar Smiths. The generational exposure to Deradium and the spirits who assist in the forging of it. The combined exposure causes their eyes to turn to starfields, while their flesh starts to turn wispy and become ethereal. Another effect is that their psyche is permanently damaged and fractured, leading many of those who encounter them to believe that they are in fact mad.

Transmission & Vectors

Generations of exposure to Deradium and the spirits that aid them in the forging process of the material has left their minds fractured. Over generations those startouched individuals have grown to show further sign of the affliction. It is passed down from generation to generation, it does not seem to spread beyond their line.


Those who first became afflicted were cursed with being startouched through their exposure to the Deradium while it was being forged and the spirits who assisted in that process. During the forging process an ethereal mist emanates from within the heated Deradium which when inhaled begins the affliction of being startouched.


The first ones afflicted showed signs of a fractured psyche. Over time their eyes went glassy then turned to starfields, after a few generations they began to have an ethereal mist emanating from their eyes and off their flesh. As time went on  portions of their flesh took on a starry ethereal quality.


There are no known cures for startouched.


Being startouched is essentially a death sentence, though not immediate. The startouched members of the Lunar Smiths live long lives before ultimately becoming ethereal and transitioning to become one of the assisting spirits for future generations.


Eventually those afflicted become completely ethereal and ultimately become one of the spirits that aid in the forging of Deradium.

Affected Groups

It appears to only be the Lunar Smiths who are affected by the startouched condition, it does not appear to afflict any other group including the Exarchs who wield the Deradium Daggers.

Cultural Reception

Lower ranking members of The Lonomia Court treat them as a lower caste, considering to be mad and beneath them. Those who have been with the Court for longer whom have earned their place within the order know that they are necessary for the survival of the order and treat them with the respect they deserve.
Chronic, Acquired


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