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Quill of the Archivist

This quill is a unique magical artifact creatd by Epiphius God of Knowledge. Plucked from the wing of his Sphinx form, this quill is truly a gift of the gods. Over the course of time the quill has developed its own sentience. It has a very inquisitive personality, while also being rather condescending since it literally a piece of a god. The quill is known to speak down to its user, assuming that they do not know anything and that it knows all, since it has been used to transcribe much of the recorded history of the realm.   The Quill of the Archivist has changed hands several times over the course of history. Initially it was given to Epiphius' first devout follower Llamiryl Neriwraek. She was an Elven archivist, who devoted her life to transcribing any and all knowledge she could. In the centuries since her death the quill has passed to a handful of owners before making its way to Thraben Skkärasún Chronicler of the Realms the Goliath planestrider whom has utilized it to add to the library of The Consortium.    Currently it is housed within the library of the Consortium where it can be seen transcribing the many tomes Thraben Skkärasún Chronicler of the Realms has gathered from across the various planes of existance.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Requires Attunement   Sentient with a inquisitive yet condescending personality.  

Dormant State:

Has the ability to transcribe copies of tomes in half the time it would normally take.  

Awakened State:

Can be used to create spell scrolls for 1/2 the cost a similar spell scroll would require. (You still need to have high quality parchment.)  

Revered State:

Has 1d10 +2 charges that can be used to increase the level of spell a scroll created with the Quill of the Archivist. 2 charges are expended per level of increase that a spell scroll uses. Restores 1d6 +1 charges per week.  

Exalted State:

Charges increase to 2d12 +3 and restores 2d8 +2 per week. Additionally tomes copied with the Quill of the Archivist takes 1/4 of the time normally required.


This quill is created by Epiphius God of Knowledge himself. It has been used to write a great many tomes over the course of history throughout Aurelimoore. Tasked with preserving all knowledge, this sentient quill works in tandem with its wielder to transcribe tomes of knowledge.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Legendary Magical Artifact
.1 lbs
Raw materials & Components
Quill plucked from the Sphinx form of Epiphius God of Knowledge.


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