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Mélamar Kyū

The Mélamar Kyū sits in the Kyū-dol district in the uppermost portion of the ruins of Cleargrave. It was formerly the home of the Kyū-níu the nine most powerful archmages in sky city of Zephrys during the Age of Arcaneum. A massive statue depicting Qithana Nyl'lionne, the founder of the Kyū-níu resides outside the Mélamar Kyū flanked by marble stairs that wrap around leading into the main chamber.

Purpose / Function

The Mélamar Kyū was constructed to act as a seat of power for the Kyū-níu in the ancient sky city of Zephyr. It is from this grand cathedral the nine most powerful archmages ruled the city, and therefore the heart of the great arcane empire.


Massive domed ceilings enclose the Mélamar Kyū, inside intricately carved marble pillars support the main foyer. In the foyer lies a reception area with a desk and a luxurious seating area for those who must wait for their appointment. Ornate doors lead of in both eastward and westward directions. Beautifully carved doors with opulent gold filigree over fifteen feet high mark the entrance to the main council chamber, where a central raised dais with arcane runes etched into the polished marble surface radiating with arcane power. Positioned equal distantly around the room are nine individual seating areas for each of the members of the Kyū-níu. Each one of them has its own grandiose entryway to access it from other rooms and hallways further into the Mélamar Kyū, allowing for dramatic entrances.   Suspended from the vaulted dome ceiling of the council chamber lies a immense crystalline dragon, meant as both a show of power and to further expand upon the opulence of the Mélamar Kyū as a whole.
3807 AOA
Founding Date
2759 AOA
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location

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