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Grand Inquisitor Obrim Ethrose

Grand Inquisitor Obrim Ethrose

Obrim was born to a family of farmers in the long forgotten village of West Rock. His birth was unremarkable, just the firstborn son of a couple of farmers in the middle of nowhere. He grew to be a very capable farmhand and his hard work and determination chiseled and shaped his physique to be quite lean and fit. Over the years his parents had two other sons. Their second son Cain only lived two weeks before he had died. His other brother Alguar was stillborn. After the deaths of their other two sons, Obrim's parents grew depressed. His mother became more and more reclusive. He noticed strange markings and weird objects began to show up. Suddenly, as he approached his ninth name day, his parents told him that they would be having another child. Filled with joy at the thought of having a sibling, but also filled with fear after having already lost two brothers. He worked that much harder, securing the farm and trying to protect his family.   Under the twin moons of Aurelimoore during the winter solstice, his parents gave birth to a healthy baby girl which they named Tansa. Tansa was the most precious thing Obrim had ever seen, she was so tiny.   Months later during the Autumn harvest Obrim had grabbed an apple from a nearby tree and sat to rest a moment. As he sat below the tree at the edge of their property he bit into the apple. With a gush his mouth filled with a coppery metallic taste and something liquid. Spitting the apple out he found not only the apple, but his mouth was filled with blood. At that same moment he heard his father scream. Leaping to his feet, blood still trickling from his mouth he ran for the barn where his father had been working. As he approached Obrim saw his father clutching his chest, retching up blood, all the while tears of blood streaked from his eyes. It was at that moment he saw a shimmer in one of the stalls and more from outside.   With an earsplitting crack and a shrill shriek the earth split open and out stepped all manner of demons and devils. A towering demon stepped forward from the stall approaching his still retching father. Grasping him by the head and raising him over head. In just a second he squeezed crushing his father's skull like a grape and throwing his bloody corpse to the floor. Frozen in fear and wetting himself, out of the corner of his eye Obrim saw more demons approaching the house. Realizing his sister was in danger he overcame his fear paralysis and snatched up the pitchfork nearby stabbed it into the large demon before him and took off in a run towards the house and his sister.   On his way he grabbed the ax he used to chop firewood. Swinging with all the strength he could muster Obrim cleaved 2 smaller devils in half never breaking stride. As he neared the house he was nearly overwhelmed with the smell of blood and sulfur. Inside he saw a grisly scene before him, his mother stripped naked with a demon tearing at her while another mounted her. Over her muffled cried he heard Tansa Crying in her crib. Thinking only of Tansa and the purity she represented he ran to protect her. A demon stood at the side of her crib reaching for her and with a swift swing of the ax he took the demons head coating himself and Tansa in gore. Scooping her in his free arm he turned to run and found his way blocked. Seeing no way through the throng before him, he turned and using the only other means of escape dove out the second story window. Dropping the ax and contorting his body to shield Tansa from the fall he landed with a sickening crunch, shattering his shoulder and breaking several ribs.   With a glance back he stumbled to his feet, cradling his sister to his chest. Through gore streaked eyes he saw the flames as his home was swallowed in an inferno. As he tried to limp away his sister's crying grew louder. Approaching from the barn was the large demon that had slain his father, pitchfork still protruding from its breast. As it raised its palm, instinctively Obrim turned and then it all went black.   He awoke to the sound of hooves, the creaking of a wagon, and the smell of cloves. Finding himself laying on his stomach and unable to move, the fear grasped him. His thoughts went to Tansa, where was she? where is he?   "Relax Lad! You're safe now." came a strong voice from somewhere in front of him.   "Where am I? who are you? Where's my sister?" he croaked in a raspy voice that hurt his throat.   "As far as who I am, you may call me Devrim, and you are in a wagon headed to the Cathedral. I know not of a sister. You were alone when I found you. Broken, bloody, burned, and alone. Truth be told its a wonder you're alive. Looks like you did a number on them demons though."   Through ragged coughs and sobs, he croaked out "We have to go back... For Tansa..." and then the pain was too much and he blacked out again.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Obrim possesses a very lean agile build. His reflexes and agility are uncanny.

Facial Features

Distinctive Goatee, Perma-Scowl

Identifying Characteristics

Severe burn scars across back and left arm, latticework of blade scars across chest, and jagged diagonal scar at right temple.

Physical quirks

Ambidextrous with a determined gait.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears predominately dark colors. Very rarely seen with out his cowl.

Specialized Equipment

Favors Hand Crossbows, also carries a large silvered bastard sword and a variety of other weaponry/equipment.
Lawful Neutral bording on True Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand Inquisitor
Year of Birth
867 FOS 49 Years old
West Rock
Current Residence
Piercing Yellow
Jet Black Streaked with Gray
211 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial, Dwarven, and Elven

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