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Esan Khashar

Alpha Inquisitor of the Order of the Lycan Esan Khashar

Esan Khashar is a senior ranking member of the Order of the Silver Sun attaining the rank of Alpha Inquisitor of the Order of the Lycan.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Esan is an imposing and well muscled figure. Towering over many of his companions within the Order of the Silver Sun.

Body Features

Beneath his thick leather armor lies a multitude of scars from various fights, both in his human and hybrid form.

Facial Features

Esan keeps his gray hair and beard close cropped. A large scar runs at a diagonal across his right eye from his hairline to the edge of is beard.

Apparel & Accessories

Esan wears a leather armor made of small "plates" of leather over a thick leather base layer. His left shoulder is covered with a thick leather pauldron with spikes incorporated into it. He carries a heavy two handed, double headed axe with a pair of snarling wolves bridging the haft between the two axe heads. On his back Esan wears a thick cloak topped with fur to help keep warm on his journeys across the realm. Hanging about is neck beneath his armor is not only the symbol of the Order of the Silver Sun, but also a necklace he refuses to remove. This necklace is a large tooth with runes carved into it, a stylized wolf head cast in pure silver connecting the tooth attached to a silver chain.


Contacts & Relations

Close friend of Grand Inquisitor Obrim Ethrose of the Order of the Silver Sun.    Acts as the mentor of Adelaide Alttaire, training her to control her Lycanthropic abilities and helping her to rise in rank within the Order of the Silver Sun.    Friend and advisor to Jarl Skavar the Strong, a fellow Lycanthrope though Skavar is a werebear while Esan is a werewolf.
Chaotic Neutral
Date of Birth
13th of Frostveil, 863 FOS
Year of Birth
863 FOS 53 Years old
Piercing Yellow
Close cropped gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6' 4"
283 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Esan Khashar can read, write, and speak Common, Elvish, Slyvan, and Infernal.

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