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Blood Barons of Khorsek

Hailing from the barren wastes of Khorsek, the Blood Barons are the personal guard of the Blood Lorde. These elite warriors are personally selected for their ruthlessness and combat prowess to defend the Blood Lorde with their lives. The Blood Barons undergo blood rites and intense ritual tattooing imbuing these fearsome warriors with unnatural strength and abilities. Red runic tattoos flow across their corded muscular bodies. Those tattoos pulse with an arcane energy and appear to move beneath the flesh. Their strength is unparalleled by humanoids of similar size. The swirling arcane energies within those runic tattoos allow the Blood Barons to use the spells Bloody Blade Barrage and Blood Chains of Binding.   When they unleash their Blood Chains of Binding, spectral chains of blood erupt forth from the Blood Baron towards up to three targets. The chains tether those individuals to each other and to the Blood baron. Should one individual take damage from an attack or spell, the corresponding individuals have their minds pierced inflicting psychic damage half as powerful as the initial blow.   Tapping into their savagery and the blood magics within them they blink away spinning in a violent whirlwind known as the Bloody Blade Barrage. In this whirlwind they strike out at multiple foes with ferocious slashes of their blade and blink back into existence outside of the circle often times behind one of those foes.



The Blood Barons number around fifty elite warriors with hundreds training to prove themselves and be chosen to join their elite ranks.


The Blood Barons fight with the utmost ferocity. Allowing themselves to be surrounded, unleashing their Blood Chains of Binding and flowing into the Bloody Blade Barrage. The chains binding them together allows the Bloody Blade Barrage to inflict the maximum damage to those foes, both physically and mentally.


In the early days of Khorsek, the first Blood Lorde Lucemesh selected his strongest warriors and commanders to be his personal body guards. Deep within the ancient ruins Lucemesh found a powerful artifact. An ancient tome containing long forgotten knowledge, knowledge that many considered to be forbidden and extremely dangerous. Taking that knowledge into himself, Lucemesh convinced his newly selected personal guards to allow him to perform rituals on them. Those rituals imbued them with supernatural strength and powers.   From those first rituals forth, the Blood Barons have acted as the personal elite guard to the Blood Lorde of Khorsek. Vowing to defend their Blood Lorde with their lives, and keep the secrets of those rituals that grant them their strength along with any secrets the Lorde may ask.
Special Forces
143 FOS
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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