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Ancient and revered, Perin stands as the oldest city in all of Alaktasien, granting sanctuary to multiple races and cultures throughout history, and surviving countless wars and conflicts.


The people of Perin enjoy relative equality, with most citizens living in the residential district. Their living quality is above average, with families owning their own homes and properties, and some owning businesses or investments. They work in a free society with few limitations and few regulations, leading to a surprisingly high level of corruption and decadence within a complacent population.   The individuals with perhaps more public influence or wealth may find themselves elected onto the council in one of the electable positions. These folks live in higher standing on the highest level of the city, alongside the Grand Hall.


Perin owes much of its protection to the mountains it lies upon but the city itself is very well fortified. Colossal walls of stone and marble line the outer edges, while the northern flank is covered by the sheer slope of the mountain. Mighty siege artillery sits upon these walls, ever supplied by Perenean allies in Vorthos, along with naval chains, guard towers and cannon batteries to make short work of whatever army may have been able to begin an assault.


Perin is a city built into the side of a mountain range, ascending it's steep slopes with four layers of artificial land carved from the very stone it rests in. Mighty stone structures dominate the jungle of stone and wood, gilded with the finest craftsmanship of Elves, Dwarves, and Humans that previously lived in them. The position on the coast allows for further expansion on the sea in the form of vast open stone docks, complete with buildings and structures of all kinds. The mighty gates of Perin stand on both sides of the coast road that passes through the city, and great stairways and chains allow transport between the layers.


The grounds of the mountain range Perin is built into are rich with minerals and gems that are mined in vast quantities. Endless tunnels and ravines snake through the depths of the mountains, ever expanding and bringing in more riches for the city.


The first civilisations that emerged following the divide, somehow gathered under the protection of the trinity of mountain ranges in the prime valley. Unions of Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Halflings all banded together to create a society to thrive in. Perin was founded to house the wanderers, built in the most naturally defendable position on the continent, always protected from the creatures of the wild that threatened them. It quickly grew to be the most populous location in the world and it payed the price of being so. Crime and decadence dominated this city for its entire early life. Denizens of all races fought for superiority and no one could hold control for long. Millennia passed before the first contingency cycle began, wiping all life off of the face of the continent. The last place they attacked was Perin, who was no match for the sheer power of the contingent forces. Genocide ensued, and the city was left in ruins.  

New Emergence

When societies began to rebuild themselves one of the first places they came to was Perin. The ruins provided good shelter despite the state they were in and reconstruction was far easier than starting anew. The Dwarves who hid from the contingency in the mountain caverns were the first to claim it, establishing a kingdom in their name. Many other communities contested their rule however, as Perin was prime easy land for society to live in. Centuries of war shaped Perin into a city built upon the blood of those who sought its protection, until the conflict finally died down when other nations and cities were founded, meaning Perin wasn't the only safe haven. The Dwarves were the last to claim the city for themselves and their government eventually degraded into dictators known as Lords. They remained a city state but they still got into frequent conflicts with neighbours over petty squabbles like insults or in defence.  

The Republic

The republic came out of nowhere and was a nice change of pace for the people of Perin. More individual freedom meant more prosperity and less war, something they were very tired of. Public opinion was high with the republic, and continued to be so for two centuries until the Magna Bellum began, and the people were subjected to war and conflict once again. People saw the weakness in the republican ideals too late, and the city suffered the worst out of all in the war. The further destruction caused by Hella did not help at all and now Perin lies in a state of anarchy and chaos.

Founding Date
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Republic of Perin

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