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The second largest city of Vorthos, Arukhari holds a strategic position in the east of Vorthos, with access to natural resources and open fields for agriculture, trade links with Lin and Rexum, and great shipyards and foundries.  

Notable Areas

The Shipyards

Three great dry docks, flanked by cranes and workshops that work tirelessly to assemble ships of all kind, most commonly the advanced warships of the Vorthosi Navy. Workers crawl over this place like ants, never straying from their jobs for long.   The Directors: To the side of the docks lie small administrative buildings that house the leaders of the workforce, who direct the efforts. One director for each dock named, from left to right: Edith - elven female, Arron - human male, and Larran - halfling male.   Culinary services: Small kitchens where food is served to the workforce.   Enchanting houses: Large buildings off to the side that are home to the enchanters and artificers that work on the magical elements of the ships like warding armour or magic cannons.   The Dry Docks: Vast empty chambers that house the hulls of ships in different stages of assembly. One is just a hull, the next is almost complete, and the last is somewhere between. Scaffolding surrounds the hulls with people working on them.  

The Central Market

The very centre of the city is home to the largest market, dominated by shops of all kinds and swarmed by interested patrons.   Rejects Rejoice: A medium sized tavern/inn just off of the market, run by an older half-elven woman who tenderly greets her customers. Her name is Maria and she is kind to all who stay. There are rooms available on the top floors. The bar is run by a large human man in his thirties, with a bushy beard, named Jebediah, Maria's grand nephew. Said bar is two separate rooms that are both accessible by the bar in the middle.   Trisha's Trade: General store in the thickets of the market, slightly larger building than those around it. Run by a human woman named Tallida. She looks young, perhaps in her 20s, and she cares for her elderly mother, Trisha whom she took over from. Their prices are slightly higher than one might expect.   Miracle Steel: A forge run by an optimistic half-orc named Barrett. They specialise in heavy duty weapons like hammers and mauls, but still do everything else. They seek to obtain a small amount of adamantine for a commission but lack the manpower to do so.   Gifts of Nature: A salad based food stand that sells vegetables, fruits, and other natural grown foods. Run by elven male named Arreth.   Mighty Meats: Literally next to Gifts of Nature, a stand that sells all forms of meats. Owned by female human named Jenn.  

The Commerce Docks

Further down the coast from the shipyards lie the commerce docks. Ships come and go over time with some offloading goods and others loading them. This is also where the supplies for the shipyards come from so carts carry these resources perpetually.   Dockmaster: Shack where administration takes place, owned by Dockmaster Kenna, a half-elven woman in her eighties.   A Fine Catch: Fish stand that grills and serves fish for 2 copper. Run by male dwarf named Kendall.  

The Residences

The northern side of the city where most people live, but also home to other services like carpentry and libraries.   Arukhari Library: Large building on the corner of a street, holds non-fiction accounts on cities and nations, as well as simple books on different artisan trades. History is quite sparse in here.   The Book Store: A store that sells fictional novels run by an old human woman with little money named Yethi.    Carpenter: An elven bloke named Azari who is the most skilled craftsman in the city. He doesnt run a business but people often come to his workshop for requests that he sometimes does.   Pristine Tailors: Human woman in forties named Nera.


Arukhari, while a Vorthosi city, holds a surprising tolerance of reject citizens, and foreign labour. Most of the population consists of workers and sailors, who have rejected the strict discipline of Vorthosi culture. Even those who pass their initiation trials are more inclusive with those who have not, creating by far the fairest city in all of Vorthos. All citizens enjoy relative equality with the high society owning slightly more influence and power. Areas in the north of the city are more focused on artisan work or metallurgy, while in the south there is lots of commerce and ship building, which is the city's primary trade. The people here all have a positive mentality when it comes to work, and they do this with great efficiency and organisation, partly due to the equality and cooperation between all parties.


Arukhari is not directly governed by the Sovereign. One member of the council is the ruler of the city as a whole, and decides how it is administered. This individual is advised by leaders of each trade in the city, say the owner of a chain of foundries or the owner of the shipyards. They as a whole make their own smaller council where governance takes place.


The primary trade of the city is in its mighty shipyards. The south is home to large dockyards and workshops that assemble the ships themselves, the advanced weaponry mounted on them, and the magic that is infused after production is complete. Buildings are set aside for enchanters and artificers to work on the ships, and large dry docks house the hulls of incomplete ships. Impressive cranes carry wood and metal that are delivered by smaller cargo ships that dock on another part of the city, close to the area set aside for commerce.

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