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The Wildfear

The Wildfear is a myth which serves as a warning to the people of Verix. The myth of the Wildfear dates back to a time when men used the stolen flames to hunt the beasts of the realm. As the sun sank from the sky a new light illuminated the savannah; the sounds of horns bellowed throughout the walls of the canyon as hunters pursued a scattered pride of lions down the chasm. The king leads its pride into a grove of trees at the bottom of the ravine. Then came the fire which turned the trees to torches. Then came the hunters which turned the grove into a grave. The scene could have been mistaken for a funeral pyre had it not been for the echoing whimpers of the broken pride. The fire had claimed every member of the pride except the king. In the depths of the abyss a beast was forged out of the roaring fire and the roaring lion. This was enough to gain the attention of a wandering spirit. As the king leapt through the fire his eyes were set ablaze with fear and vengeance simultaneously. The canyon echoed with the screams of hunters and as the walls were stained with the blood of men. The spirit of vengeance let out the slightest cackle before the roars of both the king’s fallen pride and roars of the raging fire overpowered its weak voice and overtook the king’s weak will. The fear drove him out the canyon as he fled the eternal flame. The Wildfear could never outrun the pride which followed him through death. The Wildfear rarely breaks free from the chains of its fear. A great calamity causes those chains to drag it back to our world where it continues to flee leaving destruction in its wake.

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Cover image: Explosio by Kipine


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13 May, 2019 08:19

As if lions weren't threatening enough! :O

15 May, 2019 01:01

Great choice of pictures. I'm curious of some of their exploits and look forward to reading more.