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Aurath Eterniee

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Aurath Eterniee. A world that is our own, but under a different weave of existence. A world that once was, tied to our own through ribbons of magic and the trails of supernatural beings.   It began ten years ago.   First, brilliant comets lit up the skies. They crashed in from the heavens, shining in many bright colors. No one knew what they were- only that they existed. Some thought it was a long-forgotten natural event. Some thought it was a sign of the end times. Others thought that both were right, or that both were wrong.   Second, the auroras snaked across the heavens. The clouds became colorful, and ribbons of that same bright light streaked across them day and night. Strange miracles began to happen all over the world. Patients of terminal illnesses stood up and walked again as if nothing had happened. Smog that choked the big cities of rich nations slowly faded from the air. It was magic, some whispered. It was a blessing. A reminder.   Third, terrifying monsters began to roam the streets, waiting to ambush unsuspecting victims. Just as mysterious as the miracles, they appeared and disappeared, seemingly without a trace. Then, as if to balance them, the Knights came. Magical warriors of light arrived to balance the darkness. The war rages on in secret. Beware, for nothing is ever as it seems...

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