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Elementals are born from magic wells into palace-like temple structures grand,and very old,centuries at the youngest. Each one is born into the temple and raised by its priests into "The Way of The Three" or,at least that's what most people believe; the truth is muddier than they think. Most are indeed born into old temples but not all into the faith of the three dominant gods of Aura,if that's a good thing or, not is up to you traveller.
— Asteal, to a traveler

The priesthood

Almost all wells are surrounded by temples or other places of worship due to their connection to the gods. Those raised of those by the priesthood,many become traveling priests or such out off pressure. Priests that watch the wells to witness the births ,there, are however sleeping wells that are now ignored, that could come to life at any time. The Priests are unaware of this fact.

They are expected to leave after studying the holy texts in-depth, learned to fight, and how to preach. They leave the temple at about 23-25 years and preach in the world and protect and help the common folk until they find a partner,then they start a common family.

The priests that guard the wells,because of the temples, believe that they are children of the gods However often common folk do not understand this and are frightened by elementals.


Elementals are born as a toddler when they emerge from the magic wells in their animal,form radiating the Elemental energy of water, fire, or wind and lightning able from birth to babble, walk and point at things. Elementals age slightly slower their humans and reach adulthood in there 23 or 24 year.    

They can give birth but unless the other parent is also an elemental their child is just whatever the other parent is. Elementals are more likely to pair off with humans due to few numbers of elementals. Some countries and regions are opposed to the general elementals, and/or elemental/other race pairings.They can give birth/impregnate as any race.


In appearance, they are humans with two or more toned more hair. Names often involve the element they are born from or the animal they can turn into (ex. Kindlela, Cub, and Lilly). Each can turn into one of these animals only one for each elemental, bear, tortoise, and eagle.


Birthed Elementels vs. Well Elementals

    Depending on the country,the culture of these two groups can vary widely though if we are to generalize they both tend to be religious: however temples tend to raise them more scrictly. Birthed elemental tend to be more relaxed, less pressured into greatness ,and allowed to be more child like.
Birthed elementals lose magical power to a more human level the more generations from the well.  Well elementals tend to be more conservative while birthed tend to be more liberal.

Countries of the Versi Region

This listed best to worst for elemental.



Asory has the highest concentration of wells and the highest amount of elementals and is one of, if not the best place for Elementals. The result of this is a country more familiar with them and those allowing them more freedom to be something other than a priest.This combined with a generally friendly atmosphere make it a common place for elemental priests to retire to.


Esta is the most positive country towards elementals outside of Asory. Esta is odd in that countries that tends, to view elementals positively it tends to have a lot of them Esta,however doesn't have,  a notably more. Some of Esta's peripheral islands view them as demigods.Overall its a is wonderful place for elementals to live.


Korina tends to be very well regarded in terms of elemental treatment. Much of this because of its relationship with Asory as its biggest trading partner and, those a lot of merchants and adventures from Asory are elementals.


Conraa is a pretty good place for elementals despite not having very many. A possibility  its lack of contact with other countries and thouse only knowing them from experience outside their borders and travelers.

Southern Avesta

It's a good place to make money with its frequent wars with Northern Avesta leaving its guards and patrols understaffed with many elementals filling the gap. Their are however,a few anti-elemental laws in its rural counties to watch out for.  


Due to its large Orc population,and the many missionary trips there by elementals have it OK. On the other hand many adventurers kill orcs due to more "civilized races" requests . They push the blame on orcs for a lot of dumb things like making their goats milk going bad and few legitimate complaints . Some tribes of orcs and some towns hate them,others are fine with them.


Its a rough time being an elemental in Loza due its close ties with Risa and Nothern Avesta both,putting more pressure on them for their "positive view on elementals" or they will go to war over it. its common folk dont care for elemental .


"Risa may have some very strict laws but at least your not in Northern Avesta," is a common saying among Risa elementals.

Northern Avesta

Its a common saying among elementals that its better to live with fiends then it is to live in north Avesta.This largely true dues its monarch's active propaganda mill making it hard to life even a bad life. The monarchy does this because the queen feels treated by these beings "that are poison from the gods." her paranoia deeping by the day.


When the gods finished making the humanoid races and finished setting up The Church of The Three they crawled into the world to sleep and rest.They awoke in three hundred years to find a race they did not make. They ,found out that the excess energy manifested from energy wells that they made as vents to there home came a race of shifting animal people .

"What should we do Forgemaster?" Oceanlily asked her husband he responded "They are a part of this world now,we must protect our little ones even if they were unplanned." Windcaster was already playing pranks on them and suggested the priests take care of them: and they all agreed! This event is largely forgotten by even priests .

The Faith of the Three
Organization | Aug 4, 2020
They live about about 120 to 160 years and mature into adults in their mid 20s
Average Height
5'2 to 6'4

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