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Droids are a common site within all the human factions in the Human Sector. They serve as servants to elites, work along side humans in worker republics, and fight by the thousands in active war zones and smaller proxy wars.     Droids come in a wide variety of styles, such as the M111 WarDroid that stood 10 feet tall, with 4 arms, 2 equipped with weapons, the others for grappling, and its two powerful legs, one a major threat in The Colony Wars to anyone who fought against the Global Incorporate. Other Droids such as the AT-54 are much simpler four legged robots that are used to haul heavy material around construction zones, and as companions for the elderly and young.   In alot of cases, a droid can be controlled by an Artificial Intelligence similar to A.D.A.M, artificial life forms that use these bodies to either help police the population, fight in conflicts, or even act as teachers. AI can control hundreds of droids at once doing a wide variety of tasks. Some factions after the 24 Minute war banned the use of Droids and exterminated A.I within their region.


Droids are used in hundreds industries to subsidize human labor, and in government. Some of the most common uses of Droids are being workers in construction zones, expendable military troops sent by the hundreds at enemy positions in large scale conflict backed up by Humans, and specialized Police units on constant patrol across major cities and colonies, allowing for rapid police intervention in crimes, sometimes reacting less than 15 seconds to the start of a crime. These police droids have been estimated to have stopped hundreds of thousands of domestic abusers, rapists, attempted murderers, and abductors, and have directly protected civilians within active war-zones on multiple occasions.


With over 40 different droid types being mass produced, there isn't one way to manufacture them.
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
Droids are wildly available commercially for a wide variety of Utilities explained below.
The first Robots were developed in 1954 by George Devol, but the concept of robots go as far back as around 1495, by Leonardo DaVinchi and his "Mechanical Knight". The Term Robot was first coined in 1922 by Czech playwrite Karel Capek, for his play "Rossum's Universal Robots" Droids began appearing in 2050, being primarily used by the Global Incorporate as labor and combat.

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