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Augmented Humans

The New Humanity

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Most augmentations can not be passed down to offspring, but some who use genetic augmentation can.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Every major human faction has a large quantity of augmented humans.


Augmentation has been a staple in pulp culture since the mid 20th century, Humans enhancing their brain power to unimaginable levels, Super-Soldiers packed with biological and chemical enhancements, Man and machine hybrids strait out of cyberpunk culture. It was all Fantasy until World War III and the first Cyborgs battled back and forth on the chemical front lines, wielding weapons that shredded squads of normal humans. The battle of Volgograd saw American and Russian Cyborgs battle against each other, the first battle with augmented humans on both sides. Even the early versions saw a dramatic increase in combat capabilities, upping their general effectiveness by 68%.   After the war, many cyborgs joined with the Global Incorporate. Over time, another new Augmented Type was created by Dr. John King, the Immortals, purely cybernetic beings with the brains of humans transferred into them using the new Neural-Uplink, which only made the barrier between machine and man smaller.   But, after these new cybernetic beings were created, and ruled humanity with a tyrannical fist, a new type of augmentation was pushed to counter them, culminating in the Olympians, soldiers similar to those from the "Halo" Series, who held the line for the freedom of humanity in The Colony Wars.   As the war ended, a new arms race began to create new augmented types to counter a rising number of new varients, such as the Telepaths and the Juggernauts. By the 23rd Century, its estimated there is atleast 50 new augmented types, with the largest groups being the Olympians, and the Cyborgs.   As augmentation became more wide spread, civilains seeking augmentation became more and more common, and its not uncommon to see civilains with cybernetic augmentations such as arms, legs, ears, eyes, and various other augmentations. This has also created new groups of "Human Purists" who see augmentation as a threat to normal humanity, referring to Augmented as "Auggies"

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapian Augebatur

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