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Conglomerate Faerie

a golem-like faerie composed of the world's stray magic

Conglomerate faerie is a general label used for the magical beings that appear in areas with coagulated ether. They look human, or at least partially human, with traits of other creatures attached to them.  
Quartz Pebble Conglomerate Rock
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The term "conglomerate faerie" is likened to the geological term for a conglomerate rock: a single rock made of smaller stones cemented together in a matrix of fine sediment. In this case, a human soul fragment serves as the matrix.  
Aufyra's natural cycle of magical energy can be disrupted a number of ways. For example, ether sometimes builds up in inlets branching off larger bodies of water or within magma chambers below the earth. Manmade structures such as dams have a higher likelihood of spawning conglom faeries.   While they vary in appearance, all observed instances of these faeries have had human souls at their core. The reason human ether is so "sticky" and resists dissolving into Aufyra's planetary flow is unknown.

Basic Information


Every conglomerate faerie has human energy as its matrix, but since they're formed from Aufyra's flow, can be born from the ether of countless species. It's possible for individuals to be covered in feathers or fur or even have what appear to be the limbs of other creatures.   Folktales surrounding mythical creatures like mermaids or angels were later discovered to be stories of conglomerate faeries.

Biological Traits

Conglom faeries are almost ghostly in that they can manifest and deteriorate in an instant. Their "life" span is impossible to predict but seems to be affected by the quantity of energy or severity of the ether anomaly that created them.   On average, they can exist between a few hours to several weeks.

Ecology and Habitats

They tend to stay in the ether-concentrated area that birthed them, as the ambient magical energy helps them sustain their form. While they aren't biologically alive, they still express a desire to live.   Areas of stifled ether flow also tend to sweep up debris from nearby human settlements. Conglomerate faeries take a liking to these discarded objects. It is thought that their matrices retain enough memories of human life to feel nostalgic.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They have no innate ability to consume or otherwise replenish themselves, as their bodies are merely projections of their consciousness. While natural instinct may drive them to eat, the action is inconsequential, since their bodies are composed of mana and have no true biological functions.  
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Conglomerate faerie found on the beach, in an inlet off the capital city.
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Also Known As
  • garbage faerie
  • trash faerie
  • conglom faerie
  • con-faerie
hours to weeks
Conservation Status
no protections in place  
Their existence tends to be fleeting, and studies on the creatures are low-priority.   Because these faeries are one of the few species that don't require an Adventurer's Hunting License to hunt, people eager to gain experience will destroy as many as they can.

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Cover image: by senrife


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22 Feb, 2022 15:32

Long, long ago, I did some introductory studies in geology, but later stopped due to dwindling interest. But oh, I remember my fascination with conglomerate rocks, and this article just woke up some good feelings from days long gone.

Hohohoho merry world ember!
Master ShellShaded
Michelle Cachey
22 Feb, 2022 17:12

That makes me so happy to hear! For a brief period I studied geology, but dropped out--I'm glad the wonder & interest those concepts evoke in me can translate to creative things like this, and then bring those emotions out in other people. :) Thanks for sharing.

24 Feb, 2022 05:58

I write this comment to let you know this is such an adorable concept. I'm glad I stumbled upon your work. (And senrife does an excellent job with that art; oh my)

Master ShellShaded
Michelle Cachey
24 Feb, 2022 17:34

Thank you so so much! Thank you for the favorites and the follow ;_; She does!! Her work is so lovely. I hope to commission her lots more in the future!

Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
1 Mar, 2022 19:48

Great concept! Thanks for sharing on #tuesdayfiction. I definitely want to read more.

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Master ShellShaded
Michelle Cachey
2 Mar, 2022 16:15

Thank you so much!!

1 Mar, 2022 21:02

Many many moons ago, I studied geology. This brought back so many fun memories... and the way you've used it here with magical beings is downright inventive! I love this!   The use of pictures helped guide the reading, also well done with the flow!   But for me.. really... I just love reading what you wrote here! :D

Master ShellShaded
Michelle Cachey
2 Mar, 2022 16:50

Thank you so much!! I'm so happy this could bring some of those memories back, even if this was kind of a short article. I hope to add more geology-themed stuff to the world soon! I've always been interested in it, but instead of pursuing it academically I want to grow some stories from it. <3