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Company of Knowing

The Company of Knowing is the largest and most powerful cult on Aufyra.   When the Kingdom of Ignis was established, the Company was just a small, disgruntled group of individuals. Over hundreds of years, it grew into more than just a nuisance; they resisted the Kingdom's efforts to stamp them out, and always sprung back with larger numbers than before.   They despise the legacy of the Hero-Saints that the Kingdom cherishes, and idolize the memory of the Dark God. Their ultimate goal is to "reeducate" the people of Aufyra, especially the citizens of Ignis. Historical documents available to the citizens of Ignis are considered incomplete, altered, and otherwise unacceptable to the leaders of the Company.   Since the discovery of The Artifact, the Company has reduced their amounts of violent subjugation and indoctrination.   Company of Knowing "help wanted" and propaganda posters are strewn all over Ignis territories. No matter how many times the local authorities tear them down, they always reappear. The Company offers good pay to those willing to becoming "villains", and those with no other prospects are easily drawn to their ranks. Members just need to sign a contract with some very, very, very fine print.   A common acronym for the Company of Knowing is "CoK". Yes, like the rooster. Don't smirk.

Demography and Population

All races and genders from across the globe are within their ranks.


Their main hub is another Anchor similar to the Ancient Shrine. It's officially Draconian territory, but is far from civilization and has been under CoK control for at least a hundred years.   The Company forcibly occupies any territory that proves useful to them.


Their highest ranking officers are powerful mages, skilled in both management and combat.

Mythology & Lore

Illicit, Other
Alternative Names

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