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Sosian Marriage

I have witnessed several Sosian marriages to write this book and all of them have been unique yet similar in a way. Sosian marriage is all about symbolism. In Sosian culture, the man stands for work and riches, while the woman is a symbol for nature. Since for sosians marriage is the bonding between man and woman, this symbolism surrounds the marriage, as they considered it the point where man-made creations and nature meet. Therefor, during the wedding ceremony a large construction is made. The male guests work on the framework, while the female guests do the decoration and add natural elements to it. This construction can be anything: from a set of tools to a statue. When the construction is complete, the marriage is considered complete. -- People of Meitekoku, S. Ushin


At the start of the ceremony, the wedding guests are separated based on gender. Both the groom and the bride lead a team of their respective genders and have one hour to brief the guests on the planned construction. It is assumed that the couple already made a plan together before hand. After the briefing, the guests are send out to gather the required materials. When all materials are gathered, construction starts.   During the construction, drinks and food are brought into the room and dinner is had while working. When the construction is over, the couple is considered marriage and whatever object was made is gifted to the couple as a sign of their union.

Components and tools

The items required for the ceremony are the resources needed for the construction. These can vary from building materials like wood, metal and stone to decorative things like flowers and leaves.


Aside from the groom and bride, the families of the couple are always present. Aside from this, friends and members of the community attend the wedding.

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