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Essence Rail Cart

This thing is incredible. The speed, the elegance and the magic are just wonderful. We truly live in a wonderful time for magic and technology, with both of them combined resulting in this marvel of engineering known as the Essence Rail Cart. Using Essentia Magicis/Magical Essence as a way of powering carts to transport people is a great use. I hope the construction of rails for these things around Shiho-fushi will continue, so that everyone can benefit from this marvel of engineering. The only complaint I have is the name, couldn't they have come up with something more creative? - Reaction to the first ride with a ERC - Unkown
  Essence Rail Carts are carts powered by magical essence that use rails to control the way they are going. The carts have one mechanic/driver on board to ensure the machine powering it stays functional and that the cart goes in the right direction. The carts are closed cabins to avoid rain getting inside, made from wood with glass windows. Soft, cushioned seats ensure the comfort of those using it. The cart is used as a means of public transport in the city of Shiho-fushi, the capital and most advanced city of Meiteikoku. A few rail lines run through the city, mostly connecting the more well off areas. Because of the high cost of using them, only the rich are able to afford them.

Power Generation

The ERC is powered by a Essentia Magicis/Magical Essence infused machine that casts the gust cantrip. Occasionally, a few drops of raw essence needs to be poured into the machine.


The gust cantrip cast by the machine blows into a small sail, which creates forward movement for the cart. The sail is small and hidden, so that external wind forces don't affect it.

10gp a ride
very rare, exclusive to Shiho-fushi
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity

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