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Shadow Monkeys

Special Thanks to Dazzilkat


The Shadow Monkey looks a lot like the white cheeked gibbon. They have a small body and long arms, the arms can grow up 1.5 meter.  

Extrasensory Capabilities

They can teleport between shadows. Stepping into one shadow they can jump out of another, they can see. The shadow needs to be large enough to encompass the whole body.  

Genetics & Reproduction

It has long been believed that there are no genders. This is true, but this does not stop them from creating offspring. If two jump into the same shadow, one night later a, little monkey is born.

Geographic Distribution

They call Tír na Nog home, where they gather when the sun is down. When the sun is up, they crawl out of Tír na Nog to prey on the humans.

Body Tint, Coloring and marking

The Shadow Monkeys are black with burning red eyes.  

Average Physique

They have no real body strength, their strength comes from the size of the shadow they are in.

Average Intelligence

They are not smart and react on instinct. It is not uncommon for a Shadow Monkey to stay too long in the shadow. When a shadow disappears with a monkey in it, the monkey dies.

Dietary needs

Shadow Monkeys eat human shadows until there is nothing left. A human can't live without their shadow. The assumed cause of death is a heart attack.
Tír Na Nóg
Geographic Distribution

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