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Geographic Distribution

The Alicorn was the protector of all living creatures of every forest in the Shimmer. But when Humans started hunting them for their horns. They fled to Krignoth like most of the magic creatures. Now the Alicorn resume his or hers duty in one single forest. The Light Gods made them invisible for the humans.   

Average Intelligence

They can separate the Trouble Bloods from the humans. They are extremely smart and helping the light gods with their tasks.  

Average Physique

An Alicorn can fly around the world in one flight, but then the winged horse needs to rest for a few days.   


This winged creature, looks a lot like a horse out the Shimmer. Only thing that is divergent is the horn in the middle of his head. The horn looks a lot of diamonds.   

Body Tint, Coloring and Marking

The Stallion is as white as fresh snow. The mares are brown or pitch black. The foals are yellow gold, they got their gender colors slowly over time.  

Magic Ability

If their horns touch the skin of a creature, they can heal them or kill them. Foals don't have this power yet they get their power when they got their gender colors.      
Even the gods are enchanted by their beauty, and strength. They help use with our day-to-day tasks, they fly us where every we want to go. Unless they don't want to.
— Ikia Goddes of Soul and Heart
80 years
Average Height
Shoulder height 1,55 - 1,70 m
Average Weight
150 kilograms

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