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Errcyle (Ehr-kyle)

If you go on raid with Errcyle I guarantee you these things. As long as you don't cross him you will survive, and unless you cross him you will not receve any excess loot from the raid.  
-Rike Skoritzel

Description and Appearance

Errcyle is a tall muscular Raider who always has his weapons ready. It is hard to see him without his metal plates covering his arms and strong reinforced leather covering his body.
He is bordering on the edges of the code of honor and humanity shifting the words in amoral way but still keeping true to key concepts. He trusts no one, and can't be trusted. The only reason he is tolerated is that he doesn't mind periodical purifications on Void shrine and his effectivity is exceptional.   During his The Rite of Maturity he refused to participate in group, and instead wanted to go alone. When his request was denied, he started to despise Rike Skoritzel, who went onto his raid alone with a watcher.
After the Rite of Maturity, he decided to give up his family name and keep only his name. Which was a good thing, as his behavior would hurt his family's reputation. This way his reputation is the only one his actions are harming.  
"Now, as usual, the excess loot goes to Errcyle. Is there something else to resolve about the last raid?"
"Yes! Rike is attempting to keep a sizeable Gravity crystal from a Scythir that was slain on the raid. How could someone whose father lost an arm to these monsters possibly kill one?"
"Is it true, Rike?"
"No sir."
"I demand you to check him. I saw him pocket the crystal." As expected, Errcyle would not give up easily.
"I hope you don't mind, Rike."
"Of course not."
As Nermio search Rike, he find the crystal in Rike's pockets. Such thing would hurt the Skoritzel reputation and shift the power on the island more in the Errcyle way, something that must not happen. "No crystal. Are you sure your corruption is not making you see things, Errcyle?"  
-Dispute regarding loot from a raid.


Errcyle does consider an honor to be needless, as strength is what matters for him. No one knows where he got his belief, as it is exactly mirroring that of the Vioktill. He was surprised when he first came into contact with the Vioktill, but he considered them no more than mindless brutes, as he declined the offer to move onto one of their Atocites.   Some would claim he is paranoid, but he always remarks that he does not fear, just hates feeling unprepared. That is why he always wears his armor and weapons when in public. People learned not to cross his path, as he does not go far into conflicts.   When it comes to raids, he is a pain to deal with.
He rushes the completion of commissions, causing their very early completion. When it then comes to the excess loot from the raid, he claims it all on the basis that it would not be possible to hunt the monsters unless he completed the commissions. An argument many find hard to counter.   If his claim over excess loot is opposed, he tends to belittle the achievement of others. Slowly building ground to a question of how someone so weak could possibly secure such loot, and that it rightfully belongs to him.  


Other Raiders despise him because he takes all the achievement for himself, often uses others as bait, and then after he defeats the monsters he won't even care if his fellow Raiders are fine or hurt. This lack of care about their wellbeing makes accepting his claims over all of the excess loot worse.
Many tried to beat some sense into him, but he quickly disposed of them, killing and maiming them in the process.
Any plans the Raiders made to dispose of Errcyle during a raid backfired, as he handled himself, and made others take care of whatever monster they tried to lure against him.   After some years, people stopped trying to resolve him and decided to accept his arrogance until he eventually makes a mistake.   Refiners: Refiners are neutral toward Errcyle, as he often has resources to pay for their services and whenever he decides he wants something custom-made, he gets the resources needed.
His pickiness is however making the job of Refiners hard, as he is not happy unless the piece he ordered is perfect.   Planners: Errcyle is a thorn in the back of Planners, too wild to control or focus directly on a goal. Too hostile towards others to be used to tackle riskier situations. He is a variable in many of their plans.
Few planners already had to ask a favor of other Raiders, as their plans were derailed by Errcyle doing things his way.
When Errcyle asked for support to develop elemental abilities his request was unanimously rejected. For if Errcyle learned how to properly control the Flow, he could technically drop their Atocite from the sky out of spite.  

Combat skills

Quick to analyze and find weaknesses in monsters, striking with precision and skillfully using his plates to deflect strikes coming at him.
Errcyle knows what he is doing and demands that everyone takes him seriously. He is one of the very few Raiders who can take many monsters alone.   His weapon of choice are the two blades attached to his wrists. This allows him to use his free hands to grapple onto monsters, often climbing on them and striking after jumping in the air from their backs  

Strengths and Weaknesses

Bold, proactive, efficient, and direct are words describing Errcyle's the most. During Raids he rarely loses time, instead of fearing monsters he hunts them.
Toward humans, his cunning is often seen in his arguments at loot claims.   Everyone who knows him is only waiting for his arrogance to cost him his life, but so far the dangers of Atocitera did not even come close to threatening him.  
"Crossing Errcyle was a bold move, I backed you there, but I need to know why you did that."
"I saw him experiment with crystals, trying to develop an ability. I dont want to risk that someone as powerful as him end up with simple mindness cause by residual Gravity Flow. Here, you can have the crystal, as long as he wont get it"
"Keep it. You are resonating with Gravity anyway, aren't you?"
-Planner Nermio and Rike Skoritzel


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